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Villa Jo Show

Villa Jo Show

Starting date: 2022/05/28


The charming villa of the famous journalist Joshu, located in Istanbul, Turkey, was designed and implemented by the SMD Group decoration team in a neo-classical style. Designed with countless details, this stunning home creates an elegant and elegant atmosphere.

The design team at SMD Group took their inspiration from traditional classical architecture and updated it with a modern touch. The exteriors feature large windows and intricate detailing, while inside you can find subtle color combinations, luxurious furniture and an array of decorations that will make you feel like royalty.

The cornerstone of the villa is the grand staircase, which takes center stage once inside the house. This magnificent structure is made of marble and features intricately carved details that are sure to take your breath away. The living room is outfitted with plush sofas, velvet armchairs, and other lavish items that will add to the lavish atmosphere of the space.

The bedrooms are designed with comfort in mind, with soft beds and comfortable pieces of furniture that make it the perfect place to unwind. The bathrooms are also equipped with modern amenities such as heated floors and whirlpool tubs for your convenience.

You can also find plenty of outdoor spaces where you can enjoy the stunning views of the Istanbul skyline or spend some quality time with your loved ones on a sunny day. Whether you are looking for a place to relax or entertain guests, this villa has it all!

You've heard of the famous journalist Joshua, but did you know that his villa in Istanbul, Turkey was recently decorated and designed in a neoclassical style by SMD Interior and Exterior Design? Located in Istanbul, SMD specializes in providing design services for residential and commercial projects.

The SMD team worked hard to ensure that the villa was designed according to Joshua's vision. The team took into account their preference for classic and minimalist designs, resulting in a modern take on the neoclassical style. The villa features clean lines and classic furniture pieces, as well as striking touches that add a touch of glamor to the space.

The SMD team has worked creatively to ensure that the villa is outfitted with the perfect blend of traditional elements and modern touches. They also used boho decor items to create a relaxed atmosphere in the house.

The end result is a stunningly beautiful villa that perfectly embodies Joshua's unique style. Thanks to the hard work of SMD Interior and Exterior Design, Joshua now has a beautiful home he can be proud of!