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SMD | SMD Decoration Architecture

About Us

We draw your dreams together with designs Between creativity and modernity

We represent Turkish and European companies and factories working in the fields of:


- Hotel and restaurant equipment and supplies

- All types of natural and artificial stone, marble, ceramics and parquet

- Securing all types of external and internal fire-fighting doors and windows, etc.

- Sanitary, bathroom and kitchen equipment and accessories

- Office, home and kitchen furnishings of all kinds

- Electrical accessories

- Electric mobile ceiling fixtures

About Us
Why us

Engineering consultances

Confused between the color match and fit, do you want to consult experts and specialists in home decoration and finishes, we offer you a free consultation about all that and more just email us and we are happy to serve you

creative designs

Everything starts with an idea, creativity starts with an idea, and the path to excellence starts with an idea .. We work on creating innovative ideas, whether it's in your home or office ! We work with professionalism and passion to create spaces that our clients are in harmony with.

Precession in timing

One of the biggest problems in carrying out household chores is punctuality, you have suffered a lot before .. With S.M.D the leading decorator in Turkey, we promise you punctuality that you have never promised before .. A team of specialists is always at your service

innovative ideas

We draw you in the Company S.M.D leading decorator in Turkey, your dream home .. With designs that combine creativity and modernity . Our designs are a lifestyle created for your comfort and the comfort of your family

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creativity It is the mastery of simplicity.

Vision And Mision

Our vision
In your home, office, workplace, or investment, we aim to create beauty and sophistication wherever you are. It starts from the idea of a real estate project, passing through the stages of its implementation, until marketing and selling the project, in addition to interior design and decoration. For us, it is not just a service we provide, but rather a lifestyle we create. Designs that put you in the heart of modernity. Practical or aesthetic Excellence in design and its success in implementation, quality and research are fundamental to our approach. Each project is a unique opportunity to value the client’s vision and exceed his expectations
Our goal
Our goal and the goal of our customers are one and we all work with one hand to achieve all of us the desired dream within the limits Allocated budgets, high quality and resounding success.

We strive always for the best

Our Founder

M. Marwan Anis

SMD Group was established, the first and leading company in the field of interior design in Turkey, smd decoration, managed by Eng. Ahmed Marwan Anis, and he provided the best services to his customers in every step he made after graduating from Aleppo University in Syria in 2012 AD, and we as a smd decoration family believe that our success And his success has benefited all our customers

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