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Istanbul office

Istanbul office

Starting date: 2022/04/17


The Neoclassical office in Istanbul, Turkey, was designed by a professional engineering team from SMD GROUP. The design team was keen to adhere to the highest standards of interior and exterior design, as well as decoration and cladding.

The SMD GROUP team has extensive experience in creating luxury residential projects designed with attention to detail. Architects also specialize in decoration, interior design and exterior cladding.

The new office was built to the exact specifications of the client and is a reflection of his vision and aesthetics. It has a modern yet classic look, with timeless lines and a subtle color palette.

The SMD GROUP team strived to create a space that was both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to work in. They have used the highest quality materials to ensure their longevity.

The end result is a stunning neoclassical desk that is sure to impress any visitor. SMD GROUP is proud to have completed this unique project on time and on budget.