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Istanbul Apartment Core

Istanbul Apartment Core

Starting date: 2022/05/28


The apartment has a modern style, characterized by the use of clean, straight lines, warm colors and subtle decorations. The walls are decorated with paintings and photographs that create harmony between the furniture and other components of the room. The furniture is made of wood with leather upholstery, which creates an elegant atmosphere. There are also some modern accessories such as lamps, mirrors, vases and rugs that help complete the decor.

The decoration of the apartment was as follows: - The walls are painted in a nice color and decorated with modern paintings. The furniture is modern, modern, comfortable and made of high quality materials. The lighting system is LED lighting, to give a sense of luxury and comfort. The floors were covered with parquet floors for a luxurious look.

It contains several pieces of furniture that reflect the modern style, such as sofas, chairs, and tables, in addition to lighting fixtures distributed throughout the apartment in a wise and accurate way. The walls are decorated with paintings that add a nice atmosphere to the place. In addition, the use of carpets of different sizes and colors gives a sense of luxury and comfort.

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