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Coffee Over 82

Coffee Over 82

Starting date: 2022/05/28


SMD GROUP DECORATION TEAM is proud to be given this opportunity to showcase their skills and experience on such an important project. As one of the leading interior decoration companies in Turkey, we are committed to providing quality services that create beautiful environments for clients all over the world.

We recently had the opportunity to witness the implementation of a coffee shop design in Saudi Arabia in a modern style by the SMD Group decoration team in Istanbul, Turkey. The team consists of professional designers and engineers with extensive experience and knowledge in this field.

The design process began with teams discussing ideas and expectations for the space. Then we analyzed the needs of customers and developed operational plans to determine the materials needed. The design was done by a team of Prodesign designers, who created a unique kiosk concept for the coffee shop.

Once the plans were completed, materials were ordered from suppliers and construction began on site. The team worked hard to ensure all elements were built correctly, including walls, furniture, light fixtures, and other decorative elements. To create a unique atmosphere for customers, they used Dark Cafe shapes and designs to communicate modernity but also kept things simple with rustic cafe decor.

The end result is stunningly beautiful! The team has done an excellent job of creating a relaxed, modern and inviting atmosphere. I highly recommend their services if you are looking for professional design and decoration services in Istanbul or anywhere else in Turkey.

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