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Design your university residence

Design your university residence

Date: 2022/12/16


Designing your university housing: a lot of students who study away from their parents

They have small rooms and suffer from cramped apartments.

When they make decorations for their small apartments because of the small space of the apartment to make all the decorations that every person dreams of.

Are you a university student and do you have a private residence there?

Have you ever thought about designing your university residence?

Here are some solutions and tricks to make this small house (big) feel

In this article, the most important thing that the student needs in his residence:

1 - Lighting:

The first thing we have to look at is the lighting.

The more lighting there is, the more space it gives.

To get good lighting for small apartments, you must first avoid heavy curtains and dark-colored curtains.

Because these curtains will make your apartment look very small

It will block natural light from entering the house

Of course, natural lighting will help you study and focus.

2 - Colors:

One of the things that should be avoided when taking a small apartment and starting to decorate it

It is to avoid the use of dark colors, which will increase the feeling of narrowness of the apartment more than it is.

In this case, it is preferable to use light colors that make the rooms of small apartments appear larger in the space in which they are.

And because we are at the university level, it is preferable to use the following colors:

Blue, green and white.

These colors are from the colors of nature and always make us feel psychologically comfortable

It is among the psychology of colors preferred in school places.

3- Furniture:

The most important part is this part, which causes the most problems that we face in the decoration of small apartments.

This is due to the increase in the number of pieces of room furniture

In addition to the large sizes that make up the pieces of furniture that we choose.

Which puts us in a big problem when we do decorations for small apartments.

Therefore, the best solution in this case

It is not to use extra pieces of furniture and to use only important pieces of furniture.

In addition, we will show you some pictures of multi-use furniture.

Which helps each student to adapt quickly to get the desired academic atmosphere.

This list will help you in choosing your furniture in university housing.

But before we show you pictures

These furniture we like to advise our students to take a tour of the IKEA showrooms

It contains all the furniture, storage and office supplies for students.

The first thing we need in this small apartment

It is a multi-use sofa

It should be sleeping, eating, studying, watching movies, playing and other things.

Study table or small desk

This helps to use the desk with small cupboards and shelves to put books on.

Comfortable single chair:

The student can use it to sit on it when resting, or when reading. It is desirable that it either overlooks nature and natural light or beside it with soft lighting that relaxes the nerves.

Small ottoman called Ottoman

It also has storage in this piece of flexible ease that when the user wants to watch a movie, he can lie down and kick his feet on it.

in accessories

We differ from person to person and we all have our own style

Some of us would like to put pictures of his family and friends with some memories from his country

And some can put plants in color that helps with memory and a refreshing feeling at home

It all comes down to each user's style

I hope that you have benefited from this article, and I wish each of you success and continuity in success...