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Flower shop decoration design

Flower shop decoration design

Date: 2022/12/16


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In this report, we wanted to bring you from SMD decorations in Turkey some nice information about the design of flower shop decorations and the way flowers and plants are displayed throughout your hallway.You should create an attractive space that shows your work without looking cluttered or untidy, and you should also display the non-floral items that you sell, such as specialized containers, stuffed animals, balloons, and chocolates.Prepare the room so that it is easy to renovate so that it is easy for you to change it a lot to reflect each season, and it is also nice to design a seating area and a dedicated check-out area for the convenience of customers.This is a simple introduction to the design of Rose shop decorations and now we will move on to more and wider details follow us..

Flower shop decoration design ideas:

  • Place your floral design room hidden from the public, as flower arrangements are made in a separate area from the display room.The flower arrangement is messy, broken stems and leaves are scattered on the ground, dirt and water are spilled, and there is often a bunch of flowers and greenery scattered all over the workplace, so customers should only see the finished productand beautiful variegated flowers with a calm and beautiful view that suggests comfort and not the uncontrolled mixture that often leads to the creation of arrangements.
    The design room should have easy access to the refrigerating chamber as well, where you place unused flowers, as well as a vase and equipment storage space.
    Arrange the entrance to the flower shop and design it in a beautiful creative way organized so that it is the main and first interface for customers because it is the first things that they see when they walk through the front door so that it is preferably filled with flower arrangements of different prices to encourage impulse buying, and do not forget about the presence of appropriate lighting, it is one of the important elements during design.
    Install racks along the walls and in the center of the viewing room, but do not obstruct foot traffic.Make the display space as eye-level as possible without cluttering the room.Assemble items, such as flower containers or gift boxes, or seeds and accessories to facilitate shopping, and always remember that if your shelves are not attractive on their own, cover them with a fabric or decor that matches the season, such as red and green for Christmas or pastel for spring.
  • Follow-up design ideas for flower shop decorations:

If designing the decorations of a flower shop in a creative and thoughtful way is very important when thinking about opening a flower and plant shop, where it is preferable to refrain from just placing roses in vases and displaying them in a usual way, shelves or eye-catching decor can be placed in the display glass at the main entrance of the store and display the best-selling flowers, or the most unusual.And do not forget that the visual identity should be integrated from the colors, lighting, music, the card of the store and even gifts, greeting cards and other accessories.

Are you thinking of opening a flower shop especially for you and wondering what is the right decoration for a space ! Contact us SMD decorations company in Turkey we are at your service^_^.


ديكورات محل زهور
ديكورات محل زهور
ديكورات محل زهور
ديكورات محل زهور