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Interior Decoration Design

Interior Decoration Design

Date: 2022/12/16


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Interior Decoration Design

Most of us like from time to time to renovate his house and make a simple decoration different from the previous one and with an average budget that suits him, and give vitality to the interior design, but at the same time he may not have the appropriate, creative and vibrant ideas, so we are at SMD decorations in Turkey and from this perspective we will share with you the basics of Interior Decoration Design and things that must be taken into account from colors to balance and other points that we will talk about in detail.

The difference between decorative engineering and interior design

At the beginning, before we talk about interior design, I would like to share with you something in general that is not important, but when diving into it, it is very important.many of us, even those who study this field, cannot distinguish the difference between interior design and interior design. we also find a lot of dictionaries and books that confuse these two concepts, excluding the existence of any significant difference between them, and this confusion contributed to printing a wrong image in the reader's mind about what interior design is and what decorative engineering is.

The difference in concept is that interior design is concerned with everything related to human behavior and interaction within the place, while decorative engineering is concerned with the distribution of furniture in the place and beautifying it with the help of innovative and new creative elements.

As for the difference in the field of work, the interior designer can perform the tasks of the interior designer, but the interior designer cannot perform the tasks of the interior designer, due to the scientific methodology on which the interior designer was trained, which enables him to design and build places in specific forms using structural tools that contribute to maintaining the health, safety and well-being of its inhabitants.he also has the basic skills to communicate through linguistic and visual means, the ability to find immediate solutions to the functional problems of the place, and also the ability to implement projects taking into account their aesthetic and creative aspects.The interior designer is trained on how to finish these projects, and choose And the distribution of furniture for its interior in a realistic way, facilitating the movement and living of man inside it while preserving the aesthetic aspect.


Basics of interior decoration of the House

We know that design and decoration is a science and an existing study in itself that is studied as a separate branch in universities,and we all dream of a very impressive and stylish home, so in this article we will learn about the most important tips and basics ofhome interior decoration and how to give the spirit of personality to furniture

Giving a personal spirit to furniture

The house is a safe haven that we take refuge in after a long day full of chores and difficulties, and it is a place that makes us feel calm and belonging, so when thinking about changing the decor, you should seriously consider choosing pieces that are in line with the personality of the residents of the House.

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 Interior Decoration Design[/caption]


Choosing the right colors for each blank

Colors are the important element that animates the place and inspires activity in it, and each color has its own connotations and psychological impact, so before starting to choose the colors of the walls or furniture, we will introduce you to the patterns of color selection.

Contrasting colorswork at this point requires boldness and courage, based on the idea of choosing opposite colors in the color circle such as red and green with the possibility of adding complementary colors to them by mixing them with each other in varying proportions, or choosing the principle of triple harmony, which is based on the concept of choosing three opposite colors such as green, orange and Violet.

Gradient (hierarchical) colors this process does not need much boldness and courage like the previous idea, but is based on two principles, namely; adjacent colors, such as choosing blue as a primary color and two neighboring colors, bluish green and bluish violet. The second principle is to choose a neutral color and then two colors derived from it, such as choosing white and combining it with black and gray.

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تصميم الديكور الداخلي

Interior Decoration Design[/caption]

The unit

Unity is another point of the basics of interior decoration of the house and it does not necessarily mean symmetry or symmetry in furniture pieces, patterns and paintings in the same place, but the overall view should suggest continuity and there should be common points during which the eye moves from one place to another, such as painting the walls in one color, or the floors are the same type of material used for furniture in all rooms.Here, another point must be taken into account, which is the fit of furniture pieces with the space they occupy, such as choosing pieces of sizes commensurate with the area of the room, to not create an uncomfortable and chunky atmosphere with many unnecessary purposes.

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تصميم الديكور الداخلي

Interior Decoration Design[/caption]


The idea of balance as one of the basics of home interior decoration is divided into several branches.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical balance

It is called Active balance, and one of its advantages is that it allows the use of pieces of different sizes and weights in one room, and it also suggests spaciousness, such as mixing warm colors such as red, orange and yellow with cold colors such as blue, green and purple, or mixing pieces of furniture, where the visual weight of the piece plays a big role in this principle, such as choosing a satin or wood chair with a glass table, as the visual weight of glass is lighter than the visual weight of wood and satin, which makes the combination between them creates an asymmetric but at the same time not boring and attractive very.

Radiant balance

It is based on the idea of choosing an imaginary point, following which furniture pieces are arranged around it, which is what we often find in the entrances of spacious houses.


Creating suitable storage spaces


There are many storage ideas for small and important properties that many individuals have, such as installing high shelves on the walls, to help store a lot of daily supplies and not make them in front of our eyes causing a knee in the closet.


Lighting in the house is one of the most important elements and basics of interior decoration of the house, it animates and refreshes the interior atmosphere in the place.There are three types of industrial lighting; directional lighting, task lighting and mood lighting.

Important lighting can be used for dining tables and bedside table lamps, while directional lighting is thoseused to highlight works of art, sculptures, etc. Mood lighting improves visibility and brings the place to life.

Important decorative pieces

A touch of luxury and freshness can be added to the interior atmosphere at home through flowers, candles or paintings thatare placed at eye level to create another dimension in the place.


In conclusion, our houses are part of our being and our personalities, and each house has its own spirit and entity in design according to the taste of its owners and their choices of design details in the house, but there remain fixed rules and basics in design that are indispensable in the design of the interior decoration of our homes .