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Elegant rustic style

Elegant rustic style

Date: 2022/12/16


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The rustic style is one of the most distinctive decoration trends, it is based on designs inspired by nature, forests and mountains in particular, so in the rustic rooms you will find wooden and stone walls and floors with wooden furniture and decorations inspired by deer antlers and animal skin carvings.

This style looks beautiful when used in bedrooms, as it gives you a warm effect and is like a return to historical times, and it also represents a state of unity with nature, with organic materials that vary between wood and stone.. There is no doubt that the time of rest and reading at night seems more wonderful in the warm atmosphere of Rustik, especially in winter.

Rustic bedroom decorations are one of the most sought-after Styles currently due to their mental clarity and elegance, in addition to the use of organic materials in design and furnishings, which is a very common trend globally, moreover, the use of these materials makes the house warm, not easily affected by the outside cold, which makes it ideal in winter.

We, through the SMD decorations website in Turkey, had previously talked about several styles in the world of interior decoration, including modern, classic, contemporary and others, so we preferred to talk in our report about rustic decorations, the most important thing that distinguishes it and its appropriate uses in the world of interior decoration.. Continue reading the article to benefit.

Elegant rustic style

Rustic style is the favorite style among lovers of antique decorations based on simplicity, which carries antiquity and originality in a single design processed in a modern way to suit the development of taste in the world of home decoration, it is the modern development of the elegant rustic style characteristic of warm old houses.


And like all models of decoration and interior design, there are distinctive features of the rustic style, which I think the most important of all are the tendencies of this style always for vintage decorations and furniture, or in other words, antique decorations and furniture, which are characterized by richness and warmth, as decor designers are always keen to give antique touches to rustic designs and use antique materials with a distinctive texture, such as wood and leather.


Wooden floors are a basic rule for any designer who intends to put a design in the rustic style, and it is never forbidden to use different materials in the same design, such as cladding sofas with suede, and perhaps the designer used natural stones to cover some Wall.


Sometimes in the case of concrete ceilings in the house, they can be covered with timber and carried with thick wooden veins to give the same shape to appear as if the ceiling is made of wood.Some walls can be covered with natural wood without painting it any on its natural color for a touch of luxury.


The addition of some classic furniture and accessories such as decorative chairs and gold chandeliers in the rustic living room increases its elegance and luxury and gives it a wonderful appearance.


Luxurious leather furniture in colors ranging from Brown to Black fits perfectly into the rustic decor. And choosing a premium carpet can give the living room extra elegance and complement its attractive appearance


Choose suitable colors for the rustic style


White and light tones are a different choice for rustic decor, but it brings a kind of calm and relaxation to the living room and leaves room for the appearance of design details and accessories.

Choosing some pieces of furniture in strong colors such as red amid the gray and brown decorations gives the rustic living room a touch of boldness, more warmth and excellence.

Neutral colors tend to be calm, easy and elegant to decorate with, which makes them the preferred choice for a modern farmhouse-style space.An important aspect to consider, when decorating with neutral colors, is to bring as much texture as possible because it creates interest and layering which are important factors when strong colors are out of the picture. Consider pairing this comfortable board with raw materials, such as wood.


Wood veins: -

Adding veins of wood to the ceilings of rooms or columns, or expanding the windows with frames of natural wood gives the room or space chosen for this design a beautiful and cozy rustic or mountain character.

Rustic style furniture is characterized by simplicity in design and foot in shape, taking into account the final modern form, which is a difficult equation, of course, but in the end it gives us the required luxury and elegance.


And to help you through the SMD decorations blog in Turkey to design a living room and distinct and wonderful spaces, we have come to you designs in the rustic style with luxurious decorations and various designs that suit the classic and modern home as well.

Watch it with us and let us know which one you like and what you think of this direction..

طراز الروستيك
طراز الروستيك
طراز الروستيك
طراز الروستيك
طراز الروستيك
طراز الروستيك
طراز الروستيك
طراز الروستيك

In conclusion, we recall that the rustic or Western country style expresses undeniable luxury and elegance, with the simplicity of its ideas, variations of neutral colors and natural materials. It also gives a feeling and impression of warmth in any room designed in this style.

This trend stems from the old European rustic style. The "rustic" style can be inserted into every corner of the house, even the bathroom and kitchen, and you can choose whatever you want.

Always remember, dear ones, that you are the most important for SMD decoration group in Turkey, if you need consultations regarding your spaces and you are confused about what suits them, you can contact us directly and we will always be at service.