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Art deco style

Art deco style

Date: 2022/12/16


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Art deco style-we previously talked about several models in the world of Interior Decoration, The Last of which was the rustic style, its features and many of the images that we searched for to bring you closer to the meaning of this design and what distinguishes it from other designs.

In this report and Abdul SMD decorations in Turkey, we will talk today about another style, which is the art deco style, what it means, where it appeared, when the forms and types of materials used and many information and photos show this beautiful design.. Continue reading the article

What is the art deco art deco style

Art Deco (1920 – 1940) is a design style that reached the peak of its popularity between two world conflicts, the first and Second World War. It was a perfect expression of Paris during the 20's to the 30's and embraced every field of design and decorative arts including architecture, interior design, furniture, jewelry, painting and graphics, bookbinding, clothing, glass, ceramics.

Art Deco is an English interior design and visual arts such as fashion, painting, digital design, cinema, jewelry design. This style combined many art forms that appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century, especially Cubism, Modernism, Art Nouveau. The popularity of Art Deco peaked with the era before the Depression years that hit America in the thirties. As for many cultural and artistic movements that are politically or philosophically influenced by existing events, Art Deco was influenced by the mainstream wave, people at that time showed a penchant for elegant and modern styles.

Where did it appear and when did the model appear

After the World Exhibition held in Paris in 1900, which was attended by a number of French artists who were known as

des artistes decorators “company of decorative artists", and many well-known French names in the design world, such as Victor Guimard and Eugenie gracier, this group had a great impact on the emergence of Art Deco, as they sought to highlight French art and present it to the world as an example of elegance and beauty. In 1925 he organized the (International Exhibition of modern industries and art), which contributed to the activation of the future of French art, in the world of trade and business. The movement was initially called contemporary style, but the Art Deco label was launched only after the exhibition of 1925.

What are the colors and shapes of the materials used

Neutral colors with metallic tones of silver, gray, beige, deep red brown, pastel colors

Materials used:

Aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, lacquer and wood are despite the continued use of high-quality materials.

Modern art, such as molded glass, horn, ivory, art deco also introduced exotic elements such as shark skin, zebra skin.

Detailed explanation of the model:

Interior decoration

The artists and designers of this style loved everything exotic and showed a tendency to repeat geometric shapes, influenced by the Cubist formations led by avant-garde art pioneers such as Picasso and Georges Braque, in addition to the use of Fusion, contrast and artistic visions of the Cubist school in the design of interiors using expensive materials and elements rich in zigzags and decorative details, in addition to The Shape of the sun rays, which is one of the classic motifs characteristic of Art Deco.

Indicate the art deco style in interior design through furniture with a light-reflecting glossy layer, leather sofas and armchairs, luxurious fabrics such as velvet, silk and satin, shiny accessories made of heavy metal with silver or gold accents that reflect luxury.

As for flooring, parquet is used as one of the basic elements characterizing this style. Shiny marble in gold or silver tones is also used. In the case of using carpets, we find that they contain drawings associated with the features of the style itself.

Lighting is also one of the elements that plays a key role in creating an atmosphere of luxury and richness, using lighting units of gilded crystal chandeliers, lamps made of colored glass, distributed on several levels to create a sense of mystery and depth.

The Irish Ellen Gray, the pioneer of the modern movement in architecture, is considered one of the most famous designers of the art deco movement in interior design and furniture design.

Art deco furniture

Modern Art Deco design adheres to the streamlined, dynamic, harmonious, geometric and modern look that characterizes traditional decor design, however contemporary designs have been updated with more modern materials, proportions and details in this style, such as graceful furniture with smooth lines.   We should choose geometric and vertical motifs with luxurious high-gloss finishes, such as mirror, varnish and other reflective shiny materials also in luxury interior design, as is the case with metal details in copper and Chrome, as these two elements represent the main connotations of the art deco style.

Velvet chairs

Whether with small touches on a pillow or with a total look on your sofa, Velvet is an essential art deco material. Therefore, use it on the sofa in your living room and combine it with a beautiful metal coffee tableto give a little light to your decor. In the dining room, Velvet is preferred and colors can also be mixed. Finally, to incorporate velvet in the bedroom nothing is more elegant than the decorative pillows that you will have on your bed.You will also find wonderful velvet headboards to give a modern touch to art deco.Also, so that the velvet effect is elegant, try colors like pudding pink or burgundy but also navy blue, gray or bottle green.

Brass accessories

Golden yellow brass, which is a refined material that brings elegance and light to the interior. To attract attention, nothing can be simpler than it.Combine brass with small touches in the hanging places, on the legs of the coffee table or even mirrors. A beautiful copper lamp will look perfect on a table, marble coffee, for example.

Also, in the bathroom or kitchen, brass fittings fit. These small scents of light will give all the elegance to the art deco style.

Finally, we leave you with some photos that illustrate this luxurious and beautiful model ...

طراز آرت ديكو
طراز آرت ديكو
طراز آرت ديكو
طراز آرت ديكو