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Reading and relaxation corner

Reading and relaxation corner

Date: 2022/12/16


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The reading and relaxation corner is one of the important spaces that distinguish the house, as it needs both of us after a long day of work, when returning home to feel relaxed, have a glass of warm drinks, while watching TV or reading a novel or favorite newspaper.

To achieve this, it is advisable to allocate a place in the house to relax, so a report published on the "Homes & Gardens" website pointed outdifferent ideas for designing a decor for a corner in the house to relax, which we will learn about in the next lines.

Reading and relaxation corner ideas:-

To provide inspiration, SMD decorations group in Turkey has compiled favorite reading ideas and book storage along with wisdom about their design from experts.

Build a look on the bookshelves

ركن القراءة والاسترخاء


Are you looking for the right reading angle ideas for larger spaces Consider building a corner in custom bookshelves. It can have dimensions that will fit the living room sofa in a larger room, or be the size of an armchair in a smaller room.

I added these compact living room shelving ideas to hold the few remaining items. And the space was left to accommodate the sofa, which, it is believed, creates a cozy living room. Use a color scheme of soft orange and turquoise blue to create a cozy and lively reading room.

Combining the Reading area with storage

ركن القراءة والاسترخاء


Living room storage can do a double duty of providing a reading corner if you choose a design like this one from Lauren Ramirez Interiors which includes a comfortably made window seat with cushion and upholstered cushions. The drawer under the bench and the cabinets on the sides can provide extra space for books when the library shelves are full, but household items can be arranged just as much. While this corner provides a good light for daytime, the wall lamp offers the necessary task lighting for reading After Dark.

Maximize comfort

The design of a home library may be your desire, but in the absence of a separate space, it can be created in another room."It can be in a living room, a study, a bedroom or even a well-thought-out space under the stairs,"says Louise Wickstead, London Design Director and interior designer."Take this opportunity to get creative in furnishings by choosing comfortable pillows and covers to create a cozy retreat for you.Ceiling lighting or wall lamps are great options that look aesthetically pleasing but also work well for reading."We also recommend installing shelves in the corner walls for storing books."

Use the wide window



The architecture of the house can provide ideas for reading, and one of the options with ideal characteristics can be a bay window.It may be better to place two double chairs in the cocoon space - as in this photo shown above.A large window area can also provide space for bookshelves along with benches, but even the place of small windows can provideall the possibilities required to create a quiet single place furnished with one armchair to sit in.

 5-give children a look to read


It is good to put a reading corner in the children's room to lead them to love books from an early age. It is in this photo that this corner is integrated into the bedroom storage wall and the circular design is exclusively for children, which any child will appreciate.Follow the example of this design by completely upholstering the baby's corner to create comfort that makes it an extra tempting space to occupy.

The use of brilliant colors

It is important to make the eye catch the reading corner by choosing an upholstery that offers a range of colors, an eye-catching pattern, or both, for the sitingas in this design the warm color of the seat makes it an attractive place to enjoy a favorite novel.When creating a corner in custom shelving, using the same color for storage and corner wallpaper, as here, is a good tactic to make it a more enclosed place.

Choose a place with a goal

The window seat provides a great reading corner, and in the interior this seat serves as a contemporary look for a traditional home feature that keeps the clean modern lines of the space.The opaque glazing of the lower part of the window can preserve the privacy of the incubator in an overlooked corner without stopping daylight from entering the room, while the transparent upper panels allow to see a beautiful view when you look up from the pages of the book.

Use the staircase landing

ركن القراءة والاسترخاء

The landing proportions of a staircase - like a bay window - can make it a natural candidate for a book corner, turning it into a destination in itself rather than just a space for circulation.A striped rug leads the eye to the armchair in this house and the bookshelves are located in the opposite corner so the reading material is ready.

Relax in style

ركن القراءة والاسترخاء


Consider choosing a chaise longue instead of an armchair for absolute reading comfort. It is a choice that indicates luxury.

Let architecture take the lead

ركن القراءة والاسترخاء

Use a space with great architectural features - like the beams in this house - to provide a very cozy place to have a great time with a novel.Here, the wood makes a cavity in which the chair can be placed, while the horizontal beam above doubles as bookshelves complemented by a simple rustic shelf above.The dark wood of the chair and side table makes a subtle contrast to the lighter-aged woods of the old beams.


In conclusion, if you want to design a special reading corner in your homes, which will serve as your own refuge where you forget what is happening around you in the world, with your favorite book, you just need to contact SMD decorations in Turkey.