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Ornamental plant and its relationship in decoration

Ornamental plant and its relationship in decoration

Date: 2022/12/16


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Ornamental plant and its relationship in decoration - the presence of ornamental plants in the house gives a different appearance to the house in addition to the small plants scattered in the sides, corners and corners of rooms and balconies do a great job in making the home decor wonderful and the atmosphere is good and fragrant and brings comfort, tranquility and relaxation.

In this article, we have selected a collection of home ornamental plants to decorate your home and its corners, which will not only give a new look to your home, but also help purify and moisturize the atmosphere, so come with us:

The most beautiful home ornamental plants

Houseplants have become an essential element of decoration in many homes and it is true that these plants bring color, imagination and a touch of nature in our living rooms, but the problem is that not all species can live in the same environment where the atmosphere of the room plays a decisive role in the choice of vegetation.

We are all looking for decorative houseplants that are able to bloom in every corner of our homes, whether they are dry or very shady and whether they are the type that blooms or they have green leaves of different sizes.

You may have already tried many attractive species and varieties and no doubt felt frustrated when you saw the decline of these plants from growing, but we have selected for you some of the most beautiful and proven home ornamental plants and you can take care of them to enjoy their presence around your home or on your balcony:

Ornamental plant and its relationship in decoration


نبات الزينة وعلاقته في الديكور

Besides that it has an effective effect due to its medicinal properties and its use as a medicine, by having this plant in the housetogether with the beauty of the corners of the house gives the air of the rooms a refreshing atmosphere, and also provides oxygen at night.

Basil is planted only in summer, either in the ground or in pots, and reaches a height of between 30 and 90 cm.it has a branched stem with small oval leaves and exudes the aroma of nutmeg, anise and cloves.

Basil does not tolerate too high or too few temperatures and thrives thanks to hot and sunny exposure.it is advisable to keep the soil moist at all times, but be careful and do not wet the leaves, they will rot.

If you want to multiply the basil plant this is done in March-April in warm soil (18 to 20 degrees Celsius).

It is a plant with small, aromatic leaves that come together harmoniously and the plant can be watered every day with a small amount of water to retain its moisture permanently.The basil plant can be placed near the window, but away from direct sunlight so as not to burn and dry the leaves, or it can be placed in a corner with a shelf shadow on the balcony of the house and enjoy shaking its soft small leaves with your hand to enjoy the pleasant refreshing aroma emanating from this small plant.

Erica palms

نبات الزينة وعلاقته في الديكور

The areca palm is one of the most widely used palm species for bright interiors.Characterized by leaves such as feathers and arched fronds, this large plant attracts attention, as the whole houseplant of the areca palm is considered expensive, so it is usually bought as small table plants and cared for until it grows to a mature height of 6 or 7 feet.The areca palm is one of the few palm trees that can withstand trimming without serious damage, which makes it possible to keep it indoors for its entire life span of up to 10 years.

The main factor in successfully growing areca palm indoors is to provide the right amount of light as this plant needs bright indirect light from a window facing south or West, and the leaves turn yellowish-green in direct sunlight.

Caring for the areca palm indoors is not difficult, but do not neglect it for a long time and water it often enough, to keep the soil slightly moist in spring and summer and allow the soil to dry out a little between watering in autumn and winter.You should also fertilize the areca palm plants with fertilizers in the spring, and the plant should be placed in a tight container where crowded roots will help reduce the size of the plant.The placement of areca palm trees in the interior of the house with all its lush and beautiful foliage gives radiance to the House.


نبات الزينة وعلاقته في الديكور

Most houses contain a certain type of cactus plant to withstand the presence inside the rooms or on the balconies, it is a desert plant that tolerates thirst and gives a beautiful view in the corners of the house, and its presence on some tables gives a wonderful coordination, and it becomes more beautiful in the period of blooming flowers that occur once a year and the flowers remain open and give you beauty throughout a period of two weeks at most.

The aloe vera plant should be present in every home because it has many benefits, as this plant purifies the polluted home air and keeps it clean, and it is also very beneficial for our skin.

The aloe vera plant does not need much care, but it can be taken care of by watering it every few days, let it grow slowly and enjoy its pleasant appearance.

Aloe vera

نبات الزينة وعلاقته في الديكور

Of the many types of aloe vera that exist, the Barbados Cactus remains the best known and most common and is easily recognizable by its long, serrated leaves of a greenish color that is sometimes gray with more pink undertones on the edge.

It is known that aloe vera is a plant naturally rich in minerals such as zinc, sodium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc and a complex of vitamins, which is why aloe vera is a plant that has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes.

Indoors, aloe vera is grown in pots and prefers natural lighting, away from direct sunlight.And in the open air and on balconies, the plant is not very hardy and does not tolerate temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, and since it is also not frost-resistant, it is necessary to bring it indoors before the cold comes.

The Spider


You've probably never heard the name of this plant before.it's a kind of indoor plant that can be used as hanging plants.

The spider is a herbaceous plant whose fleshy roots have the ability to store water and whose long, arcuate leaves form a rosette of strips, originally green in color, however, cultivated varieties are most often striped in green and white in the form of layers.

In spring and Summer, small white star-shaped flowers appear in clusters hanging from the ends of new leaves, they are graceful but unfortunately ephemeral flowers.

They are an ornamental houseplant par excellence that can be placed in pots on a table or hung in corners.

As long as it gets enough water and light, it is a generous plant that gives you leaves that hang like a spider from each other to give, while hanging, Splendor in beauty and colors from dark to light green harmoniously and beautifully.

The leaves are tapered hanging from the parent plant in the form of pieces that have roots that you can put in a neighboring pot and you will see them produce another plant that belongs to the mother plant with great beauty and symmetry.

She loves humid and slightly warm weather and is one of the plants resistant to dry air.

It can be placed inside rooms or outside on balconies, it is a very easy plant to grow and often does not need much care, however, there are some rules that must be followed, as this plant must be given a lot of light to enjoy its colors, but away from direct sunlight, and be at a moderate temperature so as not to increase humidity and yellowing of the leaves.

Throughout spring and summer, it can be watered as soon as the soil dries, but in winter you can let the soil dry for a longer time, especially if the plant is exposed to low temperatures.

And after watering, do not hold the remaining water in the saucer under the pot after 30 minutes.

Peace lily

When you buy peace lilies they are usually planted in a very small pot so that they should be watered at least twice a week.

But it withers very quickly when it runs out of water and its beauty decreases every time it dries and more often it needs to be watered more than once a week.

A favorite flowering houseplant is the peace lily, which blooms in spring with long flower stalks that hover gracefully over the foliage, a well-planted peace lily blooms twice a year, the plant has shiny oval leaves with dots sticking out of the soil.

Peace lilies are indisputably great as houseplants as small varieties look attractive on the table top and larger varieties can occupy a nice-sized spot on the floor, they filter out indoor pollutants more than most other plants so they are greatfor bedrooms or other rooms where they help break down toxic gases such as carbon monoxide.

English ivy

It is a charming plant with shiny heart-shaped leaves, rich and colorful colors, English ivy has a more compact growth than other houseplants, which makes it a great option for apartments, small rooms at home or in the office.

But avoid placing it in an environment with cold air currents.This small plant looks very beautiful, and it is very easy to grow it by cutting off part of its stem and placing it in another container with water in it and when roots appear, it can be placed in the soil, as the new Ivy will be ready in two weeks.


This brightly flowered plant removes many of the chemical elements present in the air so you can also put it in your bedroom where its flowers bloom for at least two weeks.

This plant can be grown from seeds, seedlings or division as the plant thrives in a position full of sun, sandy soil and adding a little compost when planting will encourage good flower growth.

This plant loves bright indirect light in well-drained pots and a little light shade in summer.

Ornamental plant and its relationship in decoration

One of the important and Basic Rules when adding an ornamental plant and its relationship in decoration

That must be taken into account that when distributing plants inside the housemust take into account the proportionality of the plant to the place where it will be placed. A plant that will be placed on a desk or dining table should not be high and large in order not to obscure what is behind it. While the plant that will be placed in the corner of the room should be large.    



Beautifying the entrance:


The entrance gives the first impression to the guests about the level of the dwelling and the taste of its owners, and green leaves and beautiful flowers also give evidence of the owners ' interest in it. Some plants can be placed next to one of the corners of the entrance or on the entrance hall table.


Distribution in rooms:

نبات الزينة وعلاقته في الديكور

When distributing plants in rooms, the proportionality between the area of the room and the size of the plants should be taken into account, as choosing large-sized plants in a small room will make it smaller than its real size, and in this case it is preferable to place small-sized plants on the edges of the room.     In the case of spacious rooms such as the reception hall, it is possible to place an individual large shrub or create an indoor garden where it can be selected from a large list of plant species and varieties, taking into account that the choice of the location of plants in one of the corners or corners so that it does not affect the lines of movement in the hall, such as behind the sofa or next to one of the windows. In the case of rooms full of pieces of furniture and there are not many voids in them, then we resort to small plants and shrubs that can be placed above tables, shelves and small corners.  

Inside the kitchen:

Small plant bushes can be placed in the kitchen, especially above the windowsill or on the washbasin where strong daytime lighting and permanent available water, some plants can also be placed on the coffee table, shelves, corners of the upper cabinets and walls. For the double benefit, you can use a pot of some herbs used in the kitchen, such as mint, basil, so you get fresh herbs and a stylish kitchen at the same time.


Vases with the addition of roses are among the decorative tools that you can employ to give any room in the house a shape characterized by modern elegance and the variety of shapes of vases and their materials, the use of each type of vases is able to create a different style inside the House.