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Rinder engines

Rinder engines

Date: 2022/12/16


Many of us hear about renderrender but do not know what its real meaning is, that's why SMD decorations group in Turkey has prepared an article explaining what Rinder engines are, what is the main difference between them and what is the best.

Rinder is a final output process performed by programs in general and thredd programs in particular, where you make the final output of the work, for example: when you design a room, a board or any space and you wanted to see the final image of your work in the form of a photo or video, with the addition of background, sound, raw materials or effects, you will make a Rinder.

محركات الريندر


The Rinder engine is responsible for organizing the Rinder process, as each Rinder engine contains certain settings that are directly related to the Rinder process, and it has many types of the most famous and most used fire, primarily the corona, as mentioned earlier in an article entitled Our experience on Corona, scanline, Arnold, redshift, mental ray and octane Render engines ..These are not all types, but the most commonly used ones, some of which are found in the tri-de maxoalmaya and Houdini programs, which are installed automatically with these programs.

محركات الريندر
ديكورات تركيا
ديكورات تركيا


Rinder settings 

Rinder settings or (render setup) is responsible for determining the required specifications for the Rinder process.you can do the Rinder with poor settings so that it does not take long and when you reach the final design, you can change the modification of the final Rinder settings as required.

The difference between the types of Rander engines : -

Some people say why I don't work on a particular engine of these engines and leave the rest here we will explain the difference between the types of Rander engines ..

The main difference is the settings, each render engine has its own settings, and each render engine has a certain time to extract images, but this time can be increased or reduced depending on the final result you are looking for .. We will touch on this point at the end of the article.
The second difference is the ores or material, each Rinder engine has its own ores or material.
The third difference is the camera and lighting, each search engine has its own lighting, and a different type of cameras.


Examples and more information about differentials: -

To extract realistic images or closer to the truth, you can do this using Fairey and Arnold, but they cannot be extracted using population line, as each engine was made for a specific purpose and according to the need of use..

If we assume that you want to extract only simple images, you can use the population line and there is no need for any complicationuse the ferry and enter into its settings, as the main reason behind the multiplicity of renderer engines is the user's need and the result he wants to reach, and each renderer engine has its own settings, through the settings you can reduce or increase the final time for extracting images and the benefit of it is the work of renderer or the final work of renderer, if we assume that you have done a specific project and wanted to see the result of this project preliminarily, how will it be before adding lighting or raw materials or others, you can put a few Rinder settings so that you get the result in seconds and after modifying the project and adding lighting And the cameras can make a final render and raise those settings to the highest value, which will take you minutes or hours to get the final result.

محركات الريندر
محركات الريندر
محركات الريندر

As for the difference in raw materials and materials in the engines of the Rinder Valverde after Corona, for example, they give materials that are closer to reality, whether iron, plastic, wood, etc.as for lighting, their types differ from one engine to another, and the settings of that lighting also differ.

The choice is yours

In our last article, after knowing the main differences between Rinder engines and some of the most famous types, but not all, we can say that the final choice remains for you, depending on the type of project you are working on, depending on the final result you want to reach, you can download more than one Rinder engine in the threadd program you are working on, and Rinder worked for the same project with more than one engine, compare the final result in each Rinder engine, compare the time of each Rinder operation you have done and choose the best among them.

It is worth mentioning that the editorial team of SMD decorations in Turkey mentioned in a previous article a detailed explanation about one of the Rinder engines, which is the corona, and in an upcoming article the fairy Rinder and other engines will be explained, God willing.