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Renew your home decor

Renew your home decor

Date: 2022/12/16


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Redecorate your home - every lady needs to renew her psyche and mood while she is inside her house to give her positive energy. Therefore, she has to start renovating and changing the decor smoothly, safely and within a certain budget, and without high costs, that is, doing simple renovations to get a house with a new look in 2022 and at the lowest costs.Interior designer Reem Saheli offers some practical steps to help you do this and make your home more practical and more beautiful.

Redecorate your home -bedroom renovation

One of the most important ideas for renovating bedrooms, including children's bedrooms, is to change the bedspreads and pillows, or add a more creative and fun accessory.Bedrooms often need extra seats instead of using a bed to sit on, so poufs are a convenient and practical option.Also, the use of fabric prints provides a warm and welcoming environment in any room. And how much difference a bedspread lying on a sofa or a bedspread can make, according to decorator Reem Saheli, will make.

A changing touch for the dining room

جدد ديكور منزلك


One of the tips for renovating and changing the appearance of a private dining room is to include the installation of a stylish pendant lamp, or a carefully selected accessory that adds beauty to the dining rooms from aromatic candles, flower pots, and other accessories.The strong presence of light in the space can emphasize the simplicity and beauty of the designs, an option that gives dining room decorations even more elegance. The golden color is also the trend in dining rooms for 2022.

Redecorate your home -the most sparkling living rooms

جدد ديكور منزلك


Living rooms are one of the most used rooms in the house, and their appearance should be kept simple and attractive at the same time.

This can be done by playing with colors that reflect the personality of each lady and enhance her mood, be it wall paint or wallpaper.

And you can add new furniture and lighting to brighten up the space and make it more lively, while not forgetting the smallest details of curtains and pillows that make a visual difference and add character to the decorations of living rooms.

Renovation of the colors and design of curtains


Curtains are one of the most important eye-catching pieces in any room, so you should renew their colors and shapes, and choose completely different designs for them to give an addition and a renewed look to the place in a distinctive way.

Luminaires are the basis of interior decoration


The lighting pieces have the magic effect when placed anywhere in the house, the lighting lamp gives the combined benefit of different lighting, quiet and elegant shape.Decorating the areas and corners of the house with tall and thin light bulbs, as well as small tables for distributing light creates from it an essential element of stylish home decor, as the interior designer emphasizes.

Mirrors with innovative shapes

جدد ديكور منزلك


One of the popular ways to update the house and make it look more modern is to put mirrors of innovative and unusual shapes, which help to reflect light, and therefore makedark rooms brighter, and also make the rooms seem larger than their real area.But instead of a large rectangular or round mirror, a mirror with a trapezoidal or polygonal shape is chosen, and several small mirrors of different, more modern and beautiful shapes can also be used.

Renew your home decor -recycle old decorations

Recycling old home decorations that have become the fashion of 2022. From an old table or bench, you can make some adjustments to it, such as changing its color or decorating it with some drawings to get an unconventional shape.Simple bottles can also be reused by coloring them to decorate the House fashionably.

The importance of kitchen renovation

When you plan to renovate the kitchen, you should maintain a simple and functional enough design, providing you with the right amount of freshness and energy that you need in the kitchen to prepare delicious family meals, such as dishes that you eat daily, or tablecloths, curtains and other accessories.

Bathroom sets

Bathroom sets are the easiest ways to redecorate and at a low cost add color to the bathroom decor.

Sixties-inspired carpets

From carpets and decorative pieces to carvings and others, the touch of "vintage" (a Sixties-inspired heritage style) is firmly back among the 2022 decor trends.

The element of nature dominates the character of the decor in 2022, as the trends tend to the natural materials used in the decoration and arrangement of the House, whether it is wood, leather or others.

Color: black

In addition to various colors, Black will have a strong appearance in the new year's decor trends, as you can choose the table in your favorite color with a touch of black, or the window and door frames will be black, and other touches.

Ornamental plants

Decorating the house with plants is one of the most prominent trends of the New Year, besides the distinctive appearance it gives, plants enhance the atmosphere of the house and improve the psyche of people, which is rich in benefits.

Marble scream

In addition to various materials, marble will have a dominant presence amid the decor trends of 2022, and in a variety of colors, suitable for different tastes.

Finally, Ma'am, pay attention to the area of your room before putting a new piece of furniture in it. Before buying any new piece of furniture, check the old pieces that can be renovated.Pay attention to the colors of the rest of the furniture before adding a new color to get a greater consistency.