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Lighting in interior design

Lighting in interior design

Date: 2023/03/13


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

When we talk about light or illumination , many dazzling and elegant modern shapes and designs come to mind, in addition to the old, classic ones that give a sense of warmth wherever they are. Lighting is one of the very necessary things, and most of us rarely think about using a specific decor when lighting , as they are ignorant that these important small details at the same time play a vital role in everything around us. In addition to helping us to see, it has a significant impact on our feeling while we are in a place. We feel more comfortable when the lighting is placed in the right places and the correct shape, so that the lighting of the place is at an appropriate level that is comfortable for those present, and here lies the role of interior designers and companies. In the so-called "interior design of interior lighting " because lighting is an essential element capable of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of empty or dim areas, which affects the size of the room and also affects how to properly utilize the space, where even the narrowest spaces can be improved through a well-thought-out lighting plan .

 It is one of the most important elements influencing the designs and formation of decorations for various places, as it gives the necessary balance and harmony between all the elements of decoration and gives beauty and attractiveness to the place, especially when it is done by specialized companies in this field to get the impressive result that you are waiting for. 


2- Why should lighting  be considered in interior designs ?

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It is necessary for the lighting to be well thought out in home decorations because it affects the general appearance of the place. Interior lighting decorations are a more complex subject than it appears. The designer must focus on the smallest details, starting from the colors of the place’s paint, its space and furniture, all the way to the personality and taste of the people who are in the room. This place, in order to finally obtain the ideal shape that suits the owner, and on the other hand, the lighting decoration design companies work to link the material and quality of the tools and designs used in a place in a way that is commensurate with the components and contents of this place to create an organized, harmonious and elaborate environment, and Here we have come to the most complex part, which requires tangible ingenuity and a lot of experience and mastery, which is the distribution of lighting equipment. And placing each part of it in its ideal place to achieve the required harmony and balance between all parts of the area that the designer works on, such as furniture and lighting decorations , in addition to the existing accessories, and all of this pours into the main goal, which is to obtain a sophisticated and elegant place that bears the character that you love and expresses About you . We note here the importance of cooperation between you and the decoration company that you deal with, so that you can provide everything that suits you.

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3- Types of lighting in interior designs:

1- Natural lighting

It is possible to take advantage of the natural lighting that comes from the sunlight so that the lighting used in the place is coordinated in terms of placement and colors with the furniture, and it is also possible to take advantage of the sunlight to direct it to specific places or reduce its brightness by adding curtains designated for that in different shapes and colors.

2- Lighting the walls: 

Special equipment is used, the locations of which differ from one place to another according to its shape and according to the existing wall decorations and the colors included within it, and we do not forget that the direction of the place and its natural morning lighting is a very important and influential factor that the interior designer takes into account in choosing the appropriate place and the direction of the lighting equipment. In addition to choosing its colors, grades and sizes, it produces a very elegant and beautiful  lighting decor .

3- Ceiling lighting

It is a lighting that is placed in the ceiling of the room and is chosen based on many factors, including the area of ​​​​the place, its dimensions, its coating, and finally the furniture in it. All these factors are taken into consideration by us, as the engineer begins to place the lighting equipment , direct it and adjust its brightness level to suit the surrounding place, and give it the required consistency and aesthetics.

4- Bottom lighting

It is lighting used in rooms and places where the ceiling is high in order to increase coordination between the dimensions of the place. This type of decoration is used in bedrooms, salons and motels to a large extent, and its shapes and designs vary. When placed in the appropriate shape and place, it gives the place dazzling creative touches. greatly affect the energy of the place.

5- Side lighting :

This type of lighting is often small in size and is placed on the sides of rooms or walls and can be added within any side accessory due to its small size .

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4- Other types of interior lighting designs :

Interior lighting decorations can be included in many designs due to the multiplicity and diversity of their shapes that suit every place and everything, and the attractive touches that they add wherever they are placed, so that:

We can benefit from fish ponds so that they are placed in an elegant manner commensurate with the colors of the existing fish, as well as the decorations used in the place in general, which gives a wonderful and distinctive look.

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 It can be used to light artificial waterfalls by installing internal lighting equipment behind it that gives lights from inside the waterfall to the outside, giving a picturesque look.

It can also be added in swimming pools and bathtubs so that it gives a distinctive luster to the place and makes it more attractive, especially at night, while being careful of the dangers of electric current and taking appropriate measures of the quality of water-resistant lights that are safely isolated. The designer can place them in a consistent manner in line with the occasion for which it was decorated. Where many people wish to hold their personal parties and important occasions on the pool terraces, such as birthday parties and celebrations of the success of a project or company. So this is one of the most important uses of interior lighting decorations .


5- What does SMD Decoration offer you in terms of interior lighting designs :

SMD Decoration Company offers you the best modern designs and decorations keeping pace with all the modern innovations first hand and keeping pace with the age of technology and modernity in interior lighting of all kinds, the equipment used and the designs followed. On the other hand, we have the exact opposite side, decorations that satisfy classic tastes. We collect all these ideas in order to provide what suits you and satisfies your passion in obtaining organization and beauty in its finest forms, quality and most appropriate prices. 

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