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Designer tricks

Designer tricks

Date: 2022/12/16



Designer Tricks in Design Language There are plenty of solutions that you can use to create optical illusions to make your room look different than it actually is.

Whether you want to change the size or shape of your room, windows or doors, double an image, or disappear an object, follow our simple tips to help you change the negative features and bring out the positive features in your room.

If you are not satisfied with the dimensions or architectural features of your room, there are several tricks you can use to change them with optical illusions. Is the room too small or too narrow? And you want to know how to choose furniture, window coverings and flooring can make a big difference. I assure you it will make a huge difference in your room!

Follow the steps that suit the needs of your apartment in a way that suits you:

To make small rooms larger than their size:

Use small furniture

- Use upholstered fabrics in a solid color (i.e. a unified reagent color such as light beige or gray) with decorations with small inscriptions.

Avoid furnishing the room with a lot of furniture

Make the walls a light color. Paint the doors and decor the same color as the walls to unify the space.

The color of the window should match the color of the walls and doors.

Use either a single color or a small pattern for the curtains.

To make large rooms appear smaller:

Choose large furniture and use a lot of furniture to avoid feeling empty in the room

اجعل لون الجدران بلون أغمق

Use large window treatments and darken the windows with darker curtains, such as painting the dark walls, that will make the room look smaller.

Divide the spaces with different carpets in each area to make the room divided into more than one space and more than one corner