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The art of decoration in Yemeni architecture

The art of decoration in Yemeni architecture

Date: 2022/12/16


In our previous article decorative design, we talked about the art of decoration in its general sense, its forms and types, and here we are now SMD decorations company in Turkey, we will talk in this article about the art of decoration in Yemeni architecture and how it has been famous for decades for its unique decorative character, where it carved and produced multiple engravings in its simple and complex forms at the same time .

The visitor to it finds the decoration lines the facades of buildings, mosques, pottery products, as well as ornaments, heritage fabrics and lunar.There are a number of historical cities and fortresses in Yemen that have made it on the list of world human heritage, these cities and fortresses are studded with colorful inscriptions and decorations with precise scales and magnitudes that have amazed the world.

فن الزخرفة اليمنية
فن الزخرفة اليمنية
فن الزخرفة اليمنية
فن الزخرفة اليمنية


What embodies the art of decoration in Yemen..

The art of Yemeni decoration or engraving embodies a cultural heritage that reflects the heritage of the Yemeni people, and successive Yemeni generations inherited this art, which translates feelings and psychological and spiritual emotions through the anameles that were chosen to engrave and sculpt beautiful decorations, either on the doors or the Yajur Muharraq or on plaster contracts (gypsum) and stone and clay contracts in mosques, houses, mausoleums and temples, some of which date back to pre-Islam.

The decorations adorn the Shabwa Palace in southeastern Yemen, which is about 4,500 years old. It also adorns the palaces and temples of the kingdoms of Moin and Hamra, which stood in southern Yemen.


The art of decoration in religious monuments in Yemen

Decorations in Yemen are divided into two parts:

The decorations of the mosques are free of drawings of living beings urging their types were limited to.....

Plant motifs such as leaves, various flowers, bunches, palms and others.
Geometric motifs induce are formed by various triangular and star shapes.
The biblical motifs are based on Kufic script and some inscriptions in Naskh and Thuluth script, and these examples are repeated in several mosques in Yemen.

Stucco (gypsum) decorations. This type of decoration often frames the facade of the mihrab and the interior of the domes, and also decorates the facades of arcades and the walls of prayer halls in some governorates.


The reasons for the artistic unity in the art of decoration

The most important reasons in the art of Yemeni decoration are obvious forms in Islamic times through the construction and decoration of mosques and the choice of Arabic calligraphy in writing Quranic verses on the walls of mosques.

Comparing the art forms in the Islamic civilization with similar works of art in Yemen, they clearly appeared in the Islamic architectural style, such as the minaret of the AL-mahdhar mosque, built on a square base, which decreases geometrically as we rise until it reaches a height of 40 meters in length.

The art of decoration of folk instruments in Yemen is a work of art from the heritage so that it was not affected by the development of modern technology, and it may be diverse and varied in vision and approach, but it is consistent in its representation of the heritage, for this the Yemeni artist has renewed it and mixed it with modern art and the reality of the Yemeni man in the modern renaissance.

فن الزخرفة اليمنية


Decorative art of the lunar

The "lunar" is the most amazing and beautiful artistic unit in the art of decoration of Yemeni architecture, as it is considered the special character associated with Yemeni culture, which adds a taste of originality to the windows of houses.the lunar is made of gypsum in various decorative forms in the form of a semicircle, with colored glass above the windows on the external facades of the building. besides its aesthetic function, it has another function in bringing more light into the building. this does not mean that the lunar is not included in the internal formations of the house, but then it is limited to its aesthetic function.

الفن الزخرفي للقمرية
الفن الزخرفي للقمرية
الفن الزخرفي للقمرية

It is worth mentioning that Decoration in Yemen, despite its multiplicity and renewal, the Yemeni artist still retains the character of the country's culture, and in this framework we can assure you that we, SMD decorations company in Turkey, strive to keep pace with all Arab cultures, including the authentic Yemen, and create interior designs to suit all tastes.