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Winter decorations in bright colors

Winter decorations in bright colors

Date: 2022/12/16


Winter decorations in bright colors

(Winter decorations), while some believe that dark and opaque colors are the strong weapon against the cold.

Winter decorators see the matter in another way, and they encourage the use of bright and luminous colors,

Which spreads warmth in the "home decorations, and provides its residents with energy.

"Madam.Net" toured "London" stores, and returned with this bundle of furniture and "accessories",

Pieces that can light up the "decoration" of the house during the New Year:

elegant dining room; The gray color in all its shades prevails over its components.

The wood, the carpet, the wall paint, and the four chairs appear on the floor.

The table is surrounded by white wood. In turn, the circular mirror, the two plates and the "accessories" on the table add to the aesthetics of the "decorations".

The corner is predominantly blue, and the textures are: tabletop lighting with a circular canopy decorated with drawings, and a base in turquoise glazed "ceramic". On the side, there are two vases: the first is of transparent glass and the other is of "ceramic".

A corner in the kitchen, decorated with "ceramic" pieces engraved with geometric motifs, with white plant pots and wooden kitchen utensils.

In corners where cultivation is difficult, elaborate artificial flowers can be used, as well as these pots filled with white orchids.

A multi-tiered candy stand made of white-coated decorative wire.