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Turkish home decorations

Turkish home decorations

Date: 2022/12/16


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Our starting point for Turkish Home Decoration Ideas is the place where every home feels warm, where the problems of the world are forgotten, and where we relax with our family and friends. We want each space to reflect our personal tastes and sensibilities.From the kitchen we start our busy days to the bedrooms we dream of when we close our eyes at night. In addition, we want our rooms to be comfortable and useful. Putting all the components together is a challenge, but it feels great when the desired result is achieved. Use the home decorating tips that we provide here as inspiration and create the kind of rooms that your loved ones will want to come home with to have fun.

ديكورات منازل تركية

Turkish home decorations

Through what we offer you of Turkish home decorations through our article that we prepare at SMD decorations in Turkey, we will find that Turkish decorations are one of the most beautiful distinctive decorations in the world that are constantly evolving, as they are eager to develop in their designs and colors from time to time and in a way that makes customers want to own a house with a Turkish-style design of their homes.

Distinctive details of Turkish home decorations

Turkish house decorations are distinguished by sophistication and elegance from all sides, as they combine simplicity, elegance and wonderful modern design that attracts us with its wonderful and cheerful colors, and the elegance of Turkish houses is also reflected in the exterior and interior of the House.

  • Turkish carpets
السجاد التركي

Carpets in Turkish homes are a constant title of elegance and beauty, especially with the multiplicity of styles and models of Turkish carpets and what is needed globally, carpets are indispensable for you in your Turkish home, it is a landmark of decoration that enriches the house and gives it a unique aesthetic value, especially when the color of the carpet and its drawings are in perfect harmony with the rest of the furniture and wall painting.


  • Mirrors
ديكورات منازل تركية

One of the striking decorative signs on the walls of rooms in Turkish houses or salons are mirrors, they can occupy more than one place to give it a larger capacity and a wider space, and they can also be useful for exploiting unoccupied places, or putting an attractive metal or even wooden frame for it will serve as a wonderful piece of art no less important than the paintings that are placed on the walls to decorate them, especially if their frame is embroidered or engraved.


Turkish home decorations-lighting and lighting

ديكورات منازل تركية

Chandeliers are primarily the best artistic decorations for home lighting in Turkey, especially in the hall, as it is preferable to use white light, as White is one of the warm colors, and gives an elegant and calm image to other details of the house, and you can focus on other colors in children's rooms, for example, or in the kitchen, the lights are no longer limited to yellow and white, and the homeowner can now choose the colors he wants for lighting and lighting in his home.


  • Wooden and carved furniture

Wooden furniture from sofas and tables plays an important role in the decoration of the house, as it occupies the widest area of the room, even in the kitchen, wooden cabinets and their colors are one of the advantages of successful decoration of kitchens, in addition to wooden beds and wardrobe, as well as the table for the TV, and here the owner of the House must take into account the issue of color compatibility sensitively because wooden furniture occupies large areas, so care must be taken to paint an integrated and beautiful color palette.

It is also noteworthy that the Turks love handmade furniture, as handmade wooden crafts are widespread in Turkey and received a great demand for their purchase, and historical series have contributed to the revival of the Turkish passion for handmade wooden furniture.

Wall clock

ديكورات منازل تركية


The wall clock can be considered a combination between classic and modern decor at the same time, although the wall clock has a heritage and ancient status, even if it does not become one of the needs and necessities with the spread of watches and mobiles and it became easy to identify the time in more accurate ways than the information of the classic wall clock gives, but it remains an important part that adorns one of the walls of the house, and some would like to hang a calendar under it, and this view can be noticed accompanying all home decorations in Turkey, and besides all that, the art and decoration enthusiast can exploit the clock to beautify it and give an advantage a new aesthetic for home decor.

The type of decoration surrounding the clock and its color are usually taken into account because this affects the appearance of the wall and the appearance of the room in general, there should be no dissonance between the colors of the room and the clock.

In conclusion, the choice of decorations in Turkey and home furniture is one of the important points for realtors in Turkey, both for residence and housing and for offices and companies, decoration is an important aspect of the beauty of the property in Turkey and comfort in housing or work.Taking care of home decoration in Turkey is a good idea for anyone who wants to get an ideal housing experience in this country, the psychological comfort that a person receives in his home is based on the aesthetics of the house internally, and the consistency of its decoration, not to mention the fact that Turkish decorations themselves are attractive and attention-grabbing, and you cannot live without putting the distinctive Turkish decorative touches on your home.After seeing the decoration of modern Turkish houses, they told us via Comments what is your opinion


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