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Contemporary home decorations

Contemporary home decorations

Date: 2022/12/16


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The definition of the word contemporary home decorations is "existing, quotient or neighborhood at the same time, or belonging to the same time". This definition is fully applicable to the use of the term in decorative architecture, so that it refers to what is in vogue or in use now.

Both traditional furniture and contemporary furniture belong to a specific category in the world of interior design, traditional furniture carries elegance and romance, contemporary furnitureis dim and simple. Each style has its own characteristics, attributes, charm and attractiveness.

We often use the words "Contemporary"contemporary and"modern" modern to describe the architecture, furnishings and style of the house, but they are two opposite concepts, is there a difference between the two Absolutely.Although between the terms contemporary and modern features are intertwined and intertwined in our days, but the two models are different in terms of history and methods.

So we will talk in this article via SMD decorations in Turkey about contemporary house designs and in a later article we will talk about modern house design follow us.


contemporary style

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about contemporary decoration and furniture, many mistakenly believe that both contemporary and modern style both achieve the same effect and something, but there is a big difference between them, contemporary style in short is the one that seeks to combine the past and the present, meet your needs for technological devices according to changes in lifestyles, times and way of living of the family and at the same time maintain the warmth and harmony that exist in our homes in the past.


That is precisely why the contemporary decor features are light and bright colors, clean geometric lines, and the furniture we rely on must be easy to use and simple, we will show you models of contemporary furniture and furnishings in order to explain to you the concept of contemporary style exactly with examples, photos and details.

ديكورات منازل معاصرة
ديكورات منازل معاصرة
ديكورات منازل معاصرة

Popular ideas and materials in contemporary home decorations: -

The "terrazzo" in the modern decor

ديكورات منازل معاصرة

The"terrazzo" Terrazzo is a composite material of marble, quartz, granite and glass chips, it is used in modern designs, in particular, the floors of kitchens and bathrooms, we even see some enthusiasts of the playful"terrazzo" look, they employ this material on part of the walls.

2. Velvet

ديكورات منازل معاصرة

Alaq has returned to velvet upholstery since last year, and its use will not stop this season. Velvet will also extend to curtains and lampshades. It evokes luxury and softness.

3.Concrete in decorative works

Concrete is not exclusive to construction, but this material registers its presence in the popular interior decoration finally, in its raw image or through its printed form on tiles and wallpaper.

4. Copper


Copper is used in the designs of fashionable accessories, especially strong colors of it, such as: red, orange ...

5. Straw

ديكورات منازل معاصرة

Straw is in the fashion of home decoration and after a long absence of straw from the fashion of furnishings, it is reappearing in furniture, lighting and accessory designs.

6. Colored and decorated ceilings

The design of the ceiling may turn out to be the main attraction in the decor of the room, and it also plays a key role in making the space look more spacious or higher.It should be noted that the fashion for colored or decorative ceilings is finally in vogue.

7. Amortized surfaces

ديكورات منازل معاصرة

Matte surfaces in contemporary home decor create a sense of relaxation and attractiveness, in contrast to the dramatic effect that glossy colors reflect.In this context, the advice of the decorator calls for the use of one of the strong colors of the year, from dramatic red, burnt yellow, dark green or pink in its shades, with a dry matte black.

8. Huge plants

Plants of large size in modern home decorplants of large and voluminous size enter the home decoration, occupying a prominent part in it, having been one of the complements of the decor.

9. The bed covered with curtains

Curtained beds in modern home decorcurtained beds are in great demand, some of which is due to their presence in luxury hotels.This piece of furniture suggests luxury and comfort, and its design has become more simple and soft, which makes it fit in any bedroom.

10. Ethnic inscriptions

ديكورات منازل معاصرة


Ethnic inscriptions in modern home decorthe ethnic inscriptions present on colorful and bold fabrics break the tranquility of the looks. If you do not want to use many colors in home decoration, ethnic inscriptions can be used in decorating elements, such as pillows...

Features of contemporary houses: -

One of its features of contemporary houses is the exaggeration of the scale means the High height of the ceiling, large windows and even furniture pieces are limited in number but huge, because focusing on size is one of the ways to show luxury in this style.It depends heavily on the open plan because openness increases the sense of spaciousness and, consequently, its grandeur.Using fashion or trend by choosing materials, furniture and accessories currently, Black is the leading color in the year ٢٠٢٠.
The focus on the texture of materials and shapes and the relationship of mass to space is more than on increasing the objects and the lines used in the design are as clean as possible with angles or curves
The colors commonly used are the natural colors of the materials.
The use of technology in introducing nature into the interior through the use of modern techniques of irrigation and cultivation of indoor plants.
Applying the Empire style to a second style means modifying an old style to suit our current era, and the industrial style is currently the focus of attention of modern designers.
Its most important features are the application of the technology of the era in architectural and Interior Design (Smart Home smart home), such as the use of smart and self-cleaning nanomaterials that have certain properties such as hardening strength with lightness and many other characteristics.
The House will be equipped with a smart system.