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Contemporary Arab Majlis decorations

Contemporary Arab Majlis decorations

Date: 2022/12/16


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Contemporary Arab Majlis decorations

In Arab homes in general, Arab Majlis occupies an important place, as it is the site of receiving guests, and it expresses the taste of the hosts in decoration, and also indicates their hospitality and good reception, so we have prepared an article detailing a number of tips for decorating Contemporary Arab Majlis, which is a complementary and supporting article from a previous article we had prepared entitled men's Majlis decorations... Follow us

Tips for contemporary Arabic Majlis decorations

Some are moving to separate the Arab Majlis site from their home, in order to preserve the privacy of the residents, so that the Majlis is dissolved in an independent space, including the construction of an annex to the main building and centered in the garden, and while the majority are moving to design their homes according to the modern style, we will show you some of the tips to help design the Arab Majlis, which is in line with the contemporary style today ...

Tips for contemporary Arabic Majlis decorations

It is customary to distribute low sofas connected to each other in the Arab Majlis, but in the"modern" style it is okay to use sofas that are high from the floor.
To follow the trending fashion this season, it is advisable to choose massive pieces for sofas, walls and carpets, but in light colors.In this context, the sugar color is suitable for the fabric of the Majlis sofas, provided that this fabric is treated and resistant to dust and dirt, which clearly stands out on light colors.
An indication that the frill-free fabric is preferred in the fashionable Majlis, with the choice of patterned pillows according to the oriental style, and in colors based on the color gradations used for the fabric. For example: when the sofas are in a sugary color, they like to choose yellowish beige, light honey brown, or light and warm gray for the pillows.
It is possible to employ the oriental touch in the decoration of the Majlis, through the use of Arabic calligraphy motifs printed in a modern way, whether on wall panels, in wood and metal table inscriptions, in pillows or pots, taking into account the choice of colors that are in line with the gradations of the Majlis color fabrics.

Follow up tips for contemporary Arabic Majlis decorations

The table in the middle of the board is of great importance, as the movement path in the place revolves around it, it connects the entire geometric lines, enhances the harmony of colors and achieves the visual balance of the place in general. When using Arabic calligraphy motifs in the decoration of the Majlis, the table can be decorated with these motifs employed in engraving on wood or by the method of unloading inside the iron on the base of the table.
The presence of mobile side tables is mandatory in Arab Majlis, which are characterized by hospitality. Thus, the mentioned tables carry delicious sweets and drinks, and are placed next to the guest.It is lightweight, and it can be made of transparent folding"plexiglass", wood or Light Iron, decorated with engraving or hollowed out with inscriptions of modern Arabic calligraphy.
The carpet connects the colors available in the board, so it is preferable to choose it in a neutral color.
It is preferable to allocate a main corner with a fireplace, provided that the sofas are distributed to the right and to the left, while adhering to the qualities of the modern character of simplicity and clarity in geometric lines.
To enhance the lighting of the Majlis, side lamps, those of the floor or a set of Wall"appliques"with an iron base inspired by Arabic calligraphy can be used, without losing sight of the main chandelier in the center of the ceiling.
Curtains require far from exaggeration in their shape and the fabric used in them, the more simple they are, devoid of embroidery and decorations and based on the combination of a maximum of two colors, the more elegant they will be.
An indication of the need to choose a neutral color for the curtains and opposite to the color of the wall behind them in order to highlight them, and in case of unwillingness to highlight them, their color can follow that of the wall.
Accessories, it is preferable to combine the Arabic and modern schools. For example,"it is nice to decorate the table, which is in the middle of the board, with a set of lanterns and transparent glass pots of small size, or with some jars of multiple sizes, shapes and materials, or combining a set of" accessories", provided that some of them come from silver and decorative, and others from white or beige plain ceramics.

It is worth mentioning that our company SMD decorations in Turkey has previously worked as a decorator for Arab councils in Saudi Arabia, Libya and other Arab countries, and you can see this through our works listed on the site, and we would also like to note that we also design and implement the decoration that the client requests from us, taking into account the budget specified by you .^_^

ديكورات مجالس عربية معاصرة
ديكورات مجالس عربية معاصرة
ديكورات مجالس عربية معاصرة
ديكورات مجالس عربية معاصرة