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Bag shop decorations

Bag shop decorations

Date: 2022/12/16


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Necessary steps when designing bag shop decorations

Choosing the right space for bag shop decorations:-


The space of the bags store should be appropriate with the goods present, and we will not forget that the decorator must study the movement when making detailed plans so that the excess or the customer is not annoyed when walking around the store, so caution and studying the path of movement is important in proportion to the space of the store.

Choosing the right model:-

You should choose the style or style from the very beginning and make the decoration commensurate with it, not mixing and too many ideas because they will be out of place and randomness will be clearly visible.

For example, in this design below, you have chosen the modern style or the so-called Modern, the design lines here are clear, copper or stainless steel was used, the shelves of bags were white or white, there were no decorations or colors, ceramics were used in large sizes, which made the shop space look larger, and a carpet was added in front of the shelves of bags in a suitable monochrome color, which is brown.


Visual identity of the store:-

The design of the decorations of the bag store complements the visual identity of the store is one of the very important points during the design, so what is more beautiful

To have a shop card with selected colors, promotional video and others integrated with the interior decoration will be a beautiful and organized integrated.

Sight lines:-


You can't force customers to buy anything, but you can practically force them to think about it.By guiding the lines of vision of your customers through a decorative action that calmly and charmingly encourages them to look at your goods.

If you have a collection of bags that you know are going to be famous for example make a prominent decor that can be displayed therewith signs indicating that there are more styles in the back of the store, this leads customers directlythrough the rest of your merchandise by the decoration lines that you will create.

Obstacles should be minimized and the decor should be kept from being a distraction.


Focus on combinations:-

The compositions in the decorations of the bag shop influence his style as much as the product you sell. For example, if you want to sellhigh-end handbags, do not just decorate your store with hidden lighting or just spotlights and neutral wallpaper, instead, it is preferable to choose stylish fixtures such as lamps and chandeliers oriented mainly to products along with hidden lighting, and the walls can be painted in modern feminine colors. Fixtures are used to display goods, for example, you can place stands for important bags, which you want to display more clearly than others, and drop lights directed to it so that it is a file for the visitor.

ديكورات محل حقائب
ديكورات محل حقائب
ديكورات محل حقائب

The front of the bag shop decorations:-

Let's not forget that the front end of the bag store decorations is one of the important elements during the design, if the decor is striking and beautiful from the very beginning, it will attract customers to enter without thinking whether they want bags or not just because the front was striking enough to enter the shop and take a look at the goods.


SMD decorations company in Turkey designs according to your desire and commensurate with the design requirements as well, so do not hesitate when thinking about opening this project and we will be present to provide full consultation ^_^.

ديكورات محل حقائب
ديكورات محل حقائب
ديكورات محل حقائب