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Lighting decorations for your outdoor space

Lighting decorations for your outdoor space

Date: 2022/12/16


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Lighting your outdoor space-good backyard lighting ideas can transform your outdoor space of the house and maximize its potential as an additional space to enjoy in the evening as the right outdoor space lighting decorations highlight focal points such as agriculture and help to identify different areas for relaxing, cooking outdoors or gathering for drinks.

The use of invisible overhead lights to enhance plants and trees, adding drama because their forms will acquire architectural qualities when thrown into relief. The same goes for pieces of garden art or sculptures, which can become key focal points in the Night Garden if you usethe right lighting to draw attention to them.You can also create a cozy atmosphere if you use recessed lighting to give your outdoor space lighting ideas a perfect interior feel to select a welcoming space when you are enjoying friends. There is a practical element of good lighting too, as it can be used to illuminate the roadway and frame entrances.

Ideas for lighting your outdoor space

Have you ever heard of the term landscape lighting, with its growing popularity and the impact that Home Garden Design can have, it is still ignored and not understood by many homeowners.Often, homeowners only install outdoor landscape lights sometimes called Malibu lights along the edge of the garden and walkways limiting the lighting, to create the effect of an amphitheater.

Outdoor lighting technology and manufacturing has reduced the cost and ease of installation as garden lighting has become affordable for almost any budget, with a simple installation that anyone can do.

For example, nowadays lighting designers and engineers have at their disposal many new and durable materials from which they have created a wide range of lamps and designs of new landscape lighting fixtures.

Whatever you're hoping to achieve is for sure - every backyard needs good lighting to help you make the most of your space at night. So SMD decorations in Turkey has made a series of impressive focal points and help define your space with our selection of SMD decorations in Turkey for lighting your outdoor space... Follow us

* Lighting your outdoor space

Light up the backyard at dusk

 إضاءة مساحتك الخارجي


This stunning contemporary space is perfect for anyone looking for sloping backyard ideas featuring a modern, stylish water feature, elevated food platform, and smart planting that all benefit from subtle lighting once daylight starts to fade. Make sure your backyard lighting ideas include built-in timers to add an automatic atmosphere at dusk. It's small details that make a big difference.

Creating a magical space


Stunning backyard lighting adds another dimension to this sunken garden, creating a charming space to entertain and help bring the garden to life at night. In the design above the path leading to the outdoor seating area and kitchen is illuminated by several floor lights to guide youthrough the space where the architectural nature of the trees and sculptures is emphasized by the spiked spotlights to softly illuminate the surrounding area. A subtle glow is created under the seating area which adds another exciting dimension and often the most flexible solution for backyard lighting is to use cog lights that are repositioned as the seasons change to ensure that the best effects are accentuated. For example, this design shows how lighting can be used in this way to bring the space together coherently and is full of backyard lighting ideas that you can steal.


Enhance the focal point-lighting up your outdoor space

Using a combination of decorative lighting effects always leads to the best results. The accent lighting allows you to create drama to enhance a sculpture at the end of the path, for example while the lights streaming into the gravel enhance the trunks of a row of starkly shaded trees.

Plane trees with flat umbrellas down this road are illuminated with light that quietly graze their trunks.

Lighting a canopy of trees above it is always magical too, bringing a sense of magic that is perfect for enhancing space in small backyards.

Define your space with lights

ديكورات إضاءة مساحتك الخارجية


Carefully placed backyard lighting can effectively define your space and it also adds a completely different mood to your backyard as well and should be used to highlight the shape and texture you have created in your garden design.In large backyards it can be used to add a sense of mystery.Where does the winding path illuminated by recessed lights lead to What is that amazing tree illuminated from a distance that requires a closer lookLighting is your best friend when it comes to organizing a backyard party too Nothing sets the scene better than an outdoor space lit with incandescent lights.

Using lighting to transform your space


Inspiring and innovative lighting can be used as the walls of a closed courtyard, showing that no matter how small your garden is, it can be transformed into an exceptionally illuminated space.

Example the above design in the long water table has spotlights under each of the wooden rafts crossing the water and an overhead light for the water tap at the end. And the lighting helped to draw your attention to the bottom of the water feature to the wall at the very end. This creates the impression that the space is larger than it actually is.

Create an outdoor space with an indoor feel


The mixed indoor and outdoor entertainment area is perfect for a relaxed atmosphere like the one found here in this sheltered courtyard space by Osada Design and John Cullen Lighting. It is a real retreat from city life.

For example, a sophisticated lighting system adds drama, illuminates trees and the movement of Water, highlights planting in pots as well as the main architecture of the building, while creating magical shadows and providing a space to enjoy at all hours of the day.

It is a unique backyard that uses agriculture, water and lighting to add drama and turn a small space into an extra special place for entertainment.

Get fit for a relaxing spa effect


With the advancement of relaxing baths, this bath should be at the top of our wish list. Who among us would not like to walk along this magically illuminated path and slide into the whirlpool spa to get rid of the stress of the dayWe love the retrograde-like feeling, which is enhanced by the addition of lanterns and candles around the edges.For example, this health resort has an attractive light, and there are also illuminated pear trees around it.We also recommend always using natural lighting in the form of lanterns, Night Lights, as well as electric lighting.When it comes to backyard lighting ideas, don't forget the battery-powered candles, which don't ignite because they are one of the easiest and best backyard ideas on a budget to create the right mood.You can set the timers on them so that they work Automatically at dusk too.

Illuminating the trees

ديكورات إضاءة مساحتك الخارجية


Discreet lighting ideas in the backyard can be used to create a masterpiece of a welcoming atmosphere in the evening garden. Trees acquire architectural qualities when illuminated from below as angular headlights improve the shape of the leaves, the structure of trunks and branches. This will add drama that can be enjoyed from inside the house as well.

Choose light bulbs that are installed in the floor. Alternatively, set the lights on moving screws to light the trunks and branches of the specimen trees as they can be changed to suit the mood and according to the seasons and when a tree is going through a moment, simply switch the focus to another tree by turning the light.

Light up the pool at night

ديكورات إضاءة مساحتك الخارجية

Lighting lamps is one of the important things in the world of exterior decoration, for example, this design explained above the lighting of the trees adjacent to the pool also with spotlights to emphasize their architectural qualities, while overhead lamps are used in the house to add a welcoming glow.In the distance, for example, a combination of spotlights and spotlights enhances the planting of the surroundings, helping to seamlessly bring the entire look together.

Use different layers for the best effects

ديكورات إضاءة مساحتك الخارجية


This small separate-level garden uses soft sandstone for paving and steps that look amazing in the warm light at night.

Finally, dear reader, make sure that lighting is a very important part when making lighting decorations for your outdoor space because it gives a new dimension and a new feeling to the space.

Lighting the sides of the House

Many homeowners realize how important it is to add landscape lighting to the sides of the house as they see the benefits of backyard landscape lighting but are skeptical about the aspects.
Providing adequate lighting and illumination along the sides of the house is equally important for front hallways and hallways, as well asa little additional lighting is required.
Very little additional lighting is required to achieve a safe and clear view along all paths and service areas, for example, the use of low mushroom lights or small glass track lights with existing openings or polished to illuminate attractive border plantations and thus give additional color and attention.



Even a small backyard design with some creative installation techniques, the placement of lighting and its combinations can make the house safer, more fun and valuable.The example of the effects created from a practical and aesthetic point of view with landscape lights is only related to the designer's creativity, natural landscapes and existing architectural features where the addition of landscape lights expands the enjoyment of gardens in terms of value, both in time and beauty in the evening hours.