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Dining room decorations

Dining room decorations

Date: 2022/12/16


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Dining room decorations

The dining room in each house is the focus of the attention of the owners of the house, especially as it is the place where family members and guests gather to eat, that's why the owner of the house is interested in the decorations of the dining room, and therefore makes sure that it is distinctive from all sides, starting with the dining table and up to various accessories that can give the room a special splendor.

There is no need to explain the meaning of the word "dining room" because the word itself speaks for itself, it is a room where family members gather in a small or large group, within a family or a group of friends to eat from breakfast to dinner, when people gather around the table, the dining room turns into a room full of life under the framework of one fact, which is coexistence.

You should choose the right color for the wall of the room, choose accessories that give a special charm to the place, as well as the right place, you can also put a TV and enjoy watching your favorite programs while eating.for this, we have prepared for you today from SMD decorations in Turkey an article explaining several points that can help you make decorations for your own rooms to eat in comfort.


Choosing the right dining table

The dining table is the most important element in the dining room and the decor of the latter is not complete without the presence of the table, the dining tables differ in terms of sizes and shapes, some fall within the round shape and others in the form of a square or rectangle, lovers of modern decor prefer tables made of beech wood،

As for design lovers, they prefer glass, as we have already talked about in an article under the title glass dining table, and for rustic dining room decorations, it is preferable to use tables made of Elm and Oak. Despite the many choices and diversity, the dining table alone is not enough and does not complement the dining room decorations, but you should focus on the rest of the elements such as buffet, library, accessories, walls and others ..

The right place for dining room decorations

The dining room can occupy a special place in the house, that is, it is possible to have its own independent space from the rest of the rooms of the house, and at the same time it can overlap with the living or living room to form together one room, and this type of room is the most widespread among houses.There is no doubt that the choice of dining room decor is related to its location, that is, if it occupies an independent part of the parts of the house or overlaps with the living room, so in the second case it is preferable to paint the two rooms in the same color،

If you want to separate and differentiate the living room and dining room space, you can create two separate and different worlds .At the same time, either choose harmonious colors between the two spaces, or make a simple separation of decor, such as openwork MDF wood, as shown in the photos.

A special style of dining room decorations

The dining room is considered the right place to pack cutlery, so care must be taken to choose the right furniture that gives the decor of the room a special splendor and a unique style of its kind, and the dining room is no different from other rooms and therefore a special style of decoration must be created to make it distinctive and eye-catching, so،

The floors of the dining room should be easy to maintain with their siding to natural materials, as for the curtains, wooden ones are best suited, especially divided on two sides, they give an interesting light. And to create a special atmosphere of the room, combine the chandelier above the table with light wall lamps, sconces on the table.Modern fittings are preferable, while sconces with polished metal are very suitable.

Tips for making dining room decorations

It is true that we have explained in the previous steps about the dining room and the proper selection of furniture and other points, and that we have collected for you a number of tips that can help you in the work of the dining room of your homes.


In some houses, the dining room is open to the living room, and here it must be designed so that it looks like

A natural extension of the living room in terms of style and materials used in furniture, and for this style of open rooms we find that neutral colors

As beige, brown and gray tones are best to achieve homogeneity.


If you choose a modern table, you can use two types or two colors of chairs, which gives a modern touch to the dining table


The dining room should have comfort factors by choosing furniture suitable for the room space،

Taking into account the voids that must be present in the place, for example, at least 70 centimeters should be left behind each chair،

And 60 centimeters between the chairs if they are without side arms, provided that the distance between each chair and another is determined by 15 centimeters

When there are side arms for her.. And these voids allow easy movement without disturbing the seated.


Seat designs should be chosen that provide comfort while eating, and not get carried away by fashionable designs that may be impractical،

The seats are suitable for general decoration.


Choose a round or oval table in small places, the rectangular shape will not be practical in a small dining room

Where it hinders movement.


In small dining rooms you can use dining tables that can be joined and opened to save space.


Use mirrors in the decor of the dining room to add breadth and royal luxury to the atmosphere.


Choose dining tables from durable materials and do not choose fashionable shapes without thinking, some glass or metal materials

It may not suit your needs, the needs of your family and guests.


Avoid using sharp-angled dining tables,they are dangerous for young and old, as well as tables with glass facades that are not tightly fixed.


When choosing a wooden dining table covered with artificial veneer (as is the case with MDF-type wood), liquid spills should be avoided

Or expose it to the sun so that the surface is not irreparably damaged and flaked off.


Finally, there is no doubt that the dining rooms, after the living room was the only and favorite place for family members to meet, chat and pass the time, are returning to the forefront today and offer family members moments of family harmony around the table, so the owners of the House are keen to choose the appropriate decor for it, which undoubtedly reflects their personality،

At SMD decorations group in Turkey, we always strive to make the right fit in every plan and space that reaches us, and we start designing it, and we have a number of works for dining room decorations in several styles that you can see in our works.We leave you now with some pictures of the dining room decorations.

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ديكورات غرفة الطعام

 Dining room decorations[/caption][caption id="attachment_6425" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

ديكورات غرفة الطعام

Dining room decorations[/caption][caption id="attachment_6426" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

ديكورات غرفة الطعام

Dining room decorations[/caption][caption id="attachment_6428" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

ديكورات غرفة الطعام

Dining room decorations[/caption][caption id="attachment_6430" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

ديكورات غرفة الطعام

 Dining room decorations[/caption][caption id="attachment_6431" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

ديكورات غرفة الطعام

Dining room decorations[/caption]

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ديكورات غرفة الطعام

Dining room decorations[/caption][caption id="attachment_6436" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

ديكورات غرفة الطعام

Dining room decorations[/caption][caption id="attachment_6437" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

 Dining room decorations[/caption]