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Living room decorations for the year 2022

Living room decorations for the year 2022

Date: 2022/12/16


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The latest living room decorations for the year 2022-2023, where it is considered one of the most important places and rooms in the house is the living room, which gives an impression to the viewer on the beauty of the house and the accuracy of its details.

We know that home decor reflects the elegance and luxury that the homeowner has. Therefore, you should pay attention to all the details of the decoration of the living room because it is the foundation room in the house, and the living room should be characterized by careful design and colors in harmony with the furniture inside the room to make the appearance of the house more beautiful and wonderful, and one of the most important factors that spread the beauty to the viewer when seeing the living room is planning to add Beautiful, Tidy furniture and wonderful colors.

SMD decorations group in Turkey has brought you the most beautiful living room decorations for the year 2022-2023, new and wonderful.


Trends of living room decorations for the year 2022-2023

Many people like to be interested in the decorations of the salon of the house and give it special attention because it represents the facade of the house in front of the guests, and they like the decorations of the salon to keep up with the trends of decoration fashion, even if they do not commit to keeping up with the trends common in the rest of the house decorations. Therefore, we offer you a guide to Salon decorations for this year and next year according to the website “idealhome" for decoration and the most prominent trends.

The website pointed out that in general, the trends of Salon decorations 2021 are characterized by an increase in the popularity of bold geometric shapes, handmade drawings and calm colors, and at the same time tend to simplicity and remoteness from complexity and provide comfort and relaxation as a big priority.


The first trend of Salon decorations 2021: -

Geometric shapes


The decorations of the salon 2021 are characterized by designs that contain bold geometric shapes, hand drawings, abstract expressive works of art, with the use of light colors that help to feel happy and calm, whether in sofa designs, pillows or decorative pieces such as lighting units and vases.


The second trend: simplicity

The second trend of Salon decorations 2021 is to rely on simplicity by creating a quiet, comfortable and cheerful space to feel relaxed through the use of neutral colors such as Gray, while not using many pieces of decor, with the use of bright and soft colors.

The third direction: providing room amenities

ديكورات غرفة المعيشة للعام 2021

The third trend of Salon decor 2021 is based on the provision of amenities from various pillows, which depend on their handmade design and manufacture of fur to achieve a feeling of comfort, as well as elegance.

The fourth trend: the style of the Seventies

ديكورات غرفة المعيشة للعام 2021

The Seventies theme has returned strongly within the decoration trends of 2021, which is based on elegance and luxury, as the furniture is characterized by elegance, rounded curves and elegant wide seats.


The fifth trend: Japanese designs

ديكورات غرفة المعيشة للعام 2021

One of the trending trends in Salon decor 2021 is the use of pieces inspired by Japanese decor, which is characterized by designs made of silk fabrics and stylized Oriental prints, mixing them with Scandinavian decor, and this trend suits lovers of simple decorations and calm colors.

The sixth direction: naturalness


ديكورات غرفة المعيشة للعام 2021

The upcoming 2021-2022 season is expected to bring greener and more sustainable initiatives, which will ensure great beauty and style but without harmful consequences for nature. One of the most exciting prospects and examples of the upcoming 2022 is the innovative experiments of industry and designers to create unusual and new materials based on recycling, alternative technologies and a well-balanced approach between nature and technologies.


Many innovative companies and young designers have already tried using leftover materials, reusing what others consider garbage and creating innovative materials and trends. The use of natural materials such as seaweed, bamboo or corn already has a strong niche and influence on the production of modern furniture items and decor details.

ديكورات غرفة المعيشة للعام 2021


It is worth mentioning that one of the things that distinguish the living room from the rest of the rooms, as we have said, is the beautiful colors that it contains, and it is in positive harmony with the furniture inside the living room.

It is also advisable to put personal touches when designing the decor of salons, with the use of distinctive and color-coordinated modern decor pieces to add elegance to the place, and you can mix modern decor with the Old, such as placing an old sofa with modern lamps and so on, which adds distinction to the room, choosing the decor according to the preferences of the owners of the house, so that they feel comfortable and happy while sitting, mixing the old and Modern also helps to get a distinctive room decor in front of visitors.

Finally, we touched on previous articles about Bedroom trends for the year 2021-2022, and we also talked about children's room decorations for the same years, what distinguishes them, their most important features, and many information related to the world of interior decoration of all spaces. And always remember, dear ones, that you are the most important to us, if you need consultations regarding your spaces and are confused about what suits them, you can contact us directly and we will always be at service.