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Winter decorations

Winter decorations

Date: 2022/12/16


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Winter decorations - it is better that the winter decor is suitable for the cold atmosphere that characterizes this season, by providing an interior decoration that provides a sense of warmth, in this article we present some ideas of appropriate decorations for the winter.

ديكورات فصل الشتاء

Winter decorations for houses

Winter is characterized by a short day and a cold atmosphere, so winter House decorations serve to give the room an impression that suggests warmth.Winter decor will not require much effort, as it focuses on adding only a few decor pieces instead of large pieces of furniture. Pieces of decorations suitable for the winter season add a warm touch to the house, and these pieces can be stored to be used next year.


Winter activities include families gathering, and spending the most beautiful times at home, so the living room is the most suitable room to apply winter decorations of different styles, for this we will put to you tips and ideas that match winter decorations especially for the living room, and these tips can be used for any other room in the House.


Interior decor ideas for winter



ديكورات فصل الشتاء

You can use wall paintings that contain landscapes such as mountains or pine trees, wall paintings give a character of prestige to the place.

Winter decorations help to break the quiet winter routine, and some believe that this atmosphere works to create gloom that haunts some people throughout the cold winter months, so it is possible that the renovation of the place helps to add a lively character to the place.


Winter decor-small pillows

ديكورات فصل الشتاء

A number of small pillows can be customized to put on the sofa in winter, without neglecting the issue of their coordination with the colors of curtains and carpets. And in order to harmonize with winter decorations, pillows with covers made of fur, or wool can be chosen.


Candles with aromatic aromas

Candles are one of the best components of home interior decoration, which does not cost much, and can only be made at home, if you distribute them around the House, this will give it a touch of warmth, especially if they smell of cinnamon or vanilla, which are in harmony with the winter.

Winter decor

What are the best colors for winter home decorations Some suffer from the so-called winter depression, especially in areas that know the absence of the sun for a long time, so the colors work to manipulate the psychological state of individuals.according to experts, there is a range of colors that are in harmony with the winter season and give a feeling of warmth. it is not necessary to paint all the walls of the room the same color to give a winter touch to the house, it is enough to paint only one of the walls in black, brown or navy, but it is advisable to choose fiery winter colors to paint one of the walls, including orange-brown, while the other walls are painted in dark beige, or light brown.

Carpets are one of the most important winter decorations

Carpets are one of the most important pieces of winter decor, and for a classic warm touch, a room rug can be replaced with a carpet made of fur. You should think about choosing fur that matches the decor of the place, white fur suits all styles of interior decoration, other dark winter colors are available, namely gray, white, brown, dark red. You can add more than one layer of carpet, which will increase your feeling of warmth and comfort.

Romantic accessories

ديكورات فصل الشتاء

In winter, it is preferable to adopt nature-inspired decorations such as wooden pieces, stones, flowers, but also foliage and pine fruits, to decorate rooms, and some of these items can also be collected and placed on the dining table.

Candlesticks of various shapes and colors also have a prominent and striking role in giving a winter atmosphere to home decorations, as it is a unique element of its kind, which gives a warm and intimate atmosphere that simulates the winter season.

Pots filled with dry twigs, painted in white, gold, silver or another color that matches the colors of the house in general, attract the eye, they can be placed in the entrance to the house or even in one of the corners of the living room.

Covers for sofas and chairs

ديكورات فصل الشتاء
ديكورات فصل الشتاء

Living rooms are one of the most used rooms in the house in winter, so for a change and in order to keep the sofa from frequent use, covers can be added for it and for chairs, which are provided by many furniture stores.


Curtains are one of the things that make a noticeable change in interior decoration, so curtains can be changed and choose more suitable colors with winter decorations for the house, taking care to coordinate them with the color of the decor pieces you want. These curtains should be heavier than the ones you use in the summer to help insulate the cold.


As you know, the morning period is short in winter, so the most time the family spends in the living room is in the evening.So it is recommended to add bright accessory pieces.


Armchairs or sofas can be decorated with some blankets made of wool, taking into account the question of their harmony with the style of interior decoration chosen for the winter. Blankets are the most important element in the living room, especially in winter, because some prefer to take a break in this family room.

Renovation of bedspreads

Summer bed linen should be replaced with winter ones of greater thickness for heating during the night hours, and fur pillows and a bedspread made of wool material can be used and thrown randomly on the mattress, to give a modern touch to the decor of the house and the winter atmosphere in the bedroom.

Wool pillows and velvet curtains make a big difference, because changing the small pillows on the sofas and seats can renew the look of the place, and in line with the winter atmosphere, for example, you can choose leather or fur pillows decorated with drawings and one of the warm earthy colors of the main sofa with a neutral color, such as light beige, for example.

The roof

If the ceiling is filled with gypsum board, it is preferable to paint it in a light color, but the coolness of white can be broken by beige. But if the ceiling is empty, it is better to adopt a false ceiling, with the use of some "spouts" in its design, it is one of the winter models par excellence, and it is preferable to paint it in one of the dark wood colors.

Due to the low winter temperatures, people prefer to have hot drinks, so a corner in the room can be allocatedfor placing hot drinks, placing a water heater and a set of glasses on the table.


Winter is not the disappearance of the green color from the house, it is advisable to decorate the house with some houseplants to increase the element of nature in the house and also to give it positive energy and pure oxygen, and to improve mood.

Thus, you get a wonderful winter decor and we hope that this article from SMD decorations in Turkey has given you some information on how to choose the right winter decor in terms of furniture and colors.