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Storage decorations for each room

Storage decorations for each room

Date: 2022/12/16


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Storage decorations for each room-in the space of each house, there should be storage decorations for each room. Over the past year or so, we've all spent more time at home because of what happened in the covid outbreak - and if you're like the SMD team, you've probably spent several weekends sorting and tidying up your rooms - but you may find that now life is getting (mostly) back to normal.

So, like us, if you're looking to get on with it, you need to invest in great storage ideas: practical but good-looking ideas that really suit your rooms. Below, we have listed our favorites.

Storage ideas

Whether you are looking for kitchen storage ideas or clutter organization solutions for the bathroom, bedroom and beyond, we have what you want. These are just some of the best storage ideas to help you keep all the rooms in your home tidy.


Create a storage focal point in the living space

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Looking for impressive living room storage ideas When the ceiling heights are high, create a statement with an oversized volume that takes center stage in the room.You may focus on home library ideas to create only one space to store books, but if the piece doubles as a media unit, be creative in how to take advantage of the shelves: books are an obvious preoccupation, but they can be divided with small sculptures or collected objects.

Start with art

Apart from storage ideas, "start with art" has always been the motto of interior designer Sophie Ashby, and then build the room from there. First, select the right quantity and storage location.

One solution is to find the right placement for the artwork and build a unit around it. "At the heart of this room is a painting by the British artist Jack Benny mounted inside a custom joinery that slides down to cleverly hide the storage space behind it,"explains Sophie.

3.Built-in storage is much more than just a purely practical addition to your home.

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Compact storage is one of the small living room storage ideas that can transform a room. If designed correctly, this kind of storage idea can become a delightful feature in itself. Get inspired by this space belonging to interior designer Elizabeth, who cleverly used the bright turquoise paint in each of her built-in shelvesto connect the storage with the palette of the rest of the room.

Likewise, the presence of such a terrifying color surrounding the workspace is sure to make it easier to cope with the most boring paper tasks.In the case of replication, be sure to paint the boxes from the inside completely and not just the back - this will increase the color effect and will also be visible from every angle.

Soft storage ideas in open spaces

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The open plan is still a very popular way to design our homes and, as much as it makes life easier, it can also cause problems with storage ideas.Rows of built-in wardrobes will make the space seem smaller and darker, which contradicts the purpose of the open design.And if you are looking for ideas for storing the dining room, then having a lot of cabinets in the room is a real atmosphere killer.To avoid this, find a nice balance between cabinets with doors and open shelves.

Take things a step further by adding semi-open kitchen shelving ideas as well, either with glass or, for more attention.Be sure to take into account the purpose of carpentry and what you will need there - a TV, books, crockery - as this will determine the shape and size of cabinets and shelves.

Mix Open and closed storage.


Living room or dining room shelving ideas need careful aesthetic study as well.Storage decorations for each room.

"Storage ideas are one of the main considerations for us when designing any interior,"says interior designer Emma Sims Hilditch.For such a dining room, a smart set of built-in storage options provides complete flexibility, as a closed cabinet allows the space to remain quiet and tidy.

"Shelving provides a great opportunity for creativity in design, displaying a variety of works of art, books, trinkets to create personality and style in the room. Emma notes about the bookshelf ideas she has installed. "We chose adjustable shelves to allow versatility and to display a variety of items of different sizes.

Wall lamps always look great when mounted on cabinets, adding another dimension to the lighting in the room.

Take storage vertically.


"It was made to measure from floor to ceiling and from Wall to wall, and no part of this furniture is unused,"says Simon Tcherniak, chief designer at Neville Johnson. "Adding a library staircase is a practical addition that allows access to the upper shelves, and while it adds character to the furniture, by matching the color of the Cabinet, it will not look intrusive."

While a similar piece will look beautiful in a custom library or Home Office, a bespoke piece of furniture like this is an especially great way to take advantage of the hallway space and give it interest. By choosing a bold color, you take the Cabinet beyond a practical piece of furniture and turn it into a focal point full of personality.Choose a stylish storage design

Calm tones combine with a confident touch of metallic brilliance to create a sophisticated design-led Home Office. Creating areas for books, as in this scheme from Tamsin Johnson, will encourage organizing them by theme or style - and can be a good creative spark for getting juices in the morning.

Make most of the shelves compact


Library spaces are ideal for integrating home offices into them. If you have a built-in floor-to-ceiling shelving unit, make it work harder by carving a desk space in the middle of the bookshelves.

In terms of space, you will need a fair amount of free space behind you because, in addition to placing the chair, the desk will need almost twice the depth of the shelves to be practically useful. To achieve this, the desk should be twice as deep as the shelves.Adding spotlights at the top of the unit will prevent the surrounding unit from feeling too closed.

 Maximize your space with ALCOVE storage


For small bedroom storage ideas, think beyond carpentry to maximize opportunities. Storage under the bed is useful but having a double chest of drawers as a bedside table.

In the absence of any place for these, Nina Campbell recommends creating shallow niches - about the depth of a paperback book - on both sides of the bed. "I find it crazy that I have nowhere to put a glass of water, a watch or a book, so I did it several times in smaller bedrooms," she explains.

Fool the eye with graceful compact storage ideas

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For storage ideas that do not dominate the room, painting The Joinery in the same color as the walls is a tried and tested way to ensureits disappearance into the background where the eyes can travel uninterrupted through the room. Thurstan design's James Thurstan Waterworth created this scheme, which features a plethora of compact bedroom storage ideas.

"Soft, neutral tones set the scene for this bedroom in a townhouse in Kensington.Using bespoke detailed joinery, we framed the window to make a feature of the room at the same time to create a window seat to sit and read or enjoy the views ".

Insert natural woods to add interest


Natural wood offers a delicate texture and pattern for storage ideas. Not only that, but it also has hygienic and practical properties: lining the interiors of any wardrobewedgerwood is good for preventing moths.

This fitted wardrobe was designed in collaboration with Sebastian Cox and House of Grey and features woven doors made from a bleached English oak frame and woven from English elm. Inside there is a whole range of storage options, including rails, shelves and drawers.

"Our choice of selected materials, such as quilted oak, black ash and English Cedar, all promote easier breathing and improved air quality by moderate humidity,"says designer Louisa Gray."We collaborate a lot with interior designers and architects and we get especially excited when we are like-minded,"adds Brogan Cox, co-director.


Keep calm with storage ideas that hide clutter

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Having a soothing bedroom interior is one way to improve sleep quality-this requires a lot of storage ideas, to hide clothes or put them at home and mess up at the end of the day. Irene Gunter of Gunter & Co designed this organically shaped curved woodworking."A reminder of nature, it makes you feel comfortable. Neutral colors are timeless and soothing and there are plenty of soft furnishings in the room to maximize the effects|soothing as well as calming acoustics.

Masquerade cupboards with wallpaper-storage decorations for each room


Despite the usefulness of cabinets, you don't exactly want a wall-to-wall cabinet everywhere in your home. If you work with built-in wardrobes, one solution is to completely hide them by covering the doors with the same wallpaper as the walls.The edges of the doors can be painted in a thin harmonious shade, or they can be removed for a smoother appearance. If you follow the latter approach, try to match the pattern to hide the doors as best as possible - the more often the pattern is repeated, the easier it will be.

Covering cabinets like this works especially well for landing storage ideas - on landings, you just want a nice space to pass by-or for smaller bedrooms as this will help ensure that cabinets don't take over the room.

Working with quirks

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Many country houses, especially old buildings, have architectural quirks to work around. Eaves are one of the most common, and they can pose a problem when adding storage ideas in space. Compact carpentry eliminates this problem, since you can take advantage of every available square inch, no matter what format you work in.

For corner sections, look at including some open shelves to avoid dealing with awkwardly shaped cabinet doors and add easier access to items located in these small spaces.

For smaller rooms, make your closet work harder by giving one or more mirrored doors to save precious floor space.

Add sliding doors for space-saving storage ideas


When working from inside the other rooms of the house, it is important to think about how to leave work at the end of the day. Sliding doors are an easy way to leave workbehind and hide unsightly items while allowing more floor space.

You won't be able to hang the artwork on the doors as this will prevent it from moving into their pockets, so think instead about the finish-opt for a high-grained walnut or teak effect for a minimalist look.

Make sure your office chair is the one that sits well in the room as well, as you won't be able to put this away if the doors are flush to the office area.

Go luxe in small spaces


One-piece units of furniture are a work of art in themselves. This piece is perfectly designed to fit in a specific place, establishing a luxurious focal point for the bathroom. This design is made of New York Marble that has a strong white crystalline base color and bold but beautiful purple veins that flash across the stone.

Decorator Tamsin Johnson explains that it is one of these bathroom storage ideas in celebration of the Craftsman's skills. "Made for an en-suite bathroom, this vanity is completely made of marble, including drawer fronts."

Transform AWKWARD spaces with vertical storage ideas-storage decorations for every room


When space is tight, smart little bathroom storage ideas can be transformative. This could mean using joinery to make an awkward space really useful.For any narrow room on the floor, vertical storage is more efficient than for any room with a larger area. Wherever possible, mirrored or decorative doors will enhance the sense of space by hiding clutter, but in a room that is incredibly prone to awkward layout or a small footprint, consider open shelves that should remain clean but can store a lot of eye - catching items.

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It is worth mentioning that storage decorations for each storage room are one of the important things in the world of interior design because they are important for storing our needs and also adding aesthetic accessories and decorative accessories.