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Wall decorations above the sofa

Wall decorations above the sofa

Date: 2022/12/16


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The wall decorations above the sofa are important places to focus on, so do not forget that the living room is the place where we relax, watch TV, greet guests, drink coffee, that is, it is one of the most social places in our house. The interior of such a room usually consists of a comfortable designer sofa, some shelves or a TV cabinet, a coffee table and chairs or benches. Of course, the calling card of any living room is the sofa, which attracts attention not only by its shape and color but also by the wall that is located at the back. In order to give the room the best look and emphasize the beauty of the furniture, designers advise paying special attention to this space and decorating it harmoniously with the rest of the decor. So the editorial team at SMD decorations group in Turkey has prepared a beautiful Report and some ideas on how to decorate the wall above the main sofa or even the sub-sofa.

Which wall decorations above the sofa to choose to highlight the empty space

Upholstered furniture is often installed longitudinally on the wall. If there is a window behind it, there is no need for additional decoration - curtains and a street view are usually enough. On the other hand, if the sofa is leaning against an "exposed" wall, then you should definitely take care of its decoration! What options do you have


Modest tire decorations

In this case, the decor of the salon was filled with decoration, as in the photo above, the wall is decorated with a composition of paintings of modest content.The main thing is to combine wooden frames in an order that is not necessarily the same, there are several sizes. Here all the designs have a common natural feature with birds and leaves. Green, beige and blue colors adorn the velvet sofa and its pillows.

. Abstract art and symmetry

ديكورات الجدار فوق الأريكة


It is generally said that the number three is a charm in decoration, even when it comes to wall decoration.In this living room, the three tables above the sofa are practically identical, they are aligned to the base and placed at the same distance from each other. Thus, they manage to give a sense of harmony and order. Its rather large white background makes it stand out even more.

Tip: there should be about 30 cm between the panels and the sofa. It is better not to stand out on the sides of the sofa.

Large format painting

ديكورات الجدار فوق الأريكة

The table in XXL format can be an accent in the wall decoration above the living room sofa, and therefore throughout the room.however, when choosing a panel with large dimensions, you should make sure that its style and colors match the rest of the decor.


ديكورات الجدار فوق الأريكة


One idea that definitely works and brings freshness to the interior is the placement of two identical paintings. This way you get the same effect as one large painting, but without the visual impact of the artwork on your living room to the same extent. With two frames longer than their width, you also give a sense of verticality and visually increase the ceiling height. In addition, such paintings give a vintage touch to the wall.

More light thanks to the mirror

ديكورات الجدار فوق الأريكة


Wall decorations above the sofa with a large antique mirror is another bet that does not fail in this way, a new window opens in your living room, reflecting the view and also gaining depth and space, doubling the light. Mirrors with black panels add a touch of elegance.

Tip: mirrors should be at eye level, reflect beautiful objects, doors.

Customize with pictures

If you want to get a stylish wall in a timeless style, bet on a composition of black and white photos.Decorating with photos, besides being aesthetic, makes you feel comfortable because it reminds you of happy times and important people. To maintain the balance of the composition, larger copies should be placed at the ends, medium and small copies in the middle.

Composition patchwork decorations


Illustrations, paintings, mirrors ... you can already create compositions with elements that are different in shape and size. The only rule: always put the large pieces first, and then the rest around. The center should be about 160-170 cm from the floor. The more distance you leave between objects, the greater the effect, although the norm is about 10 cm.


Tip: first arrange your composition on the floor, inside an imaginary rectangle to get an idea of what it will represent.


Table View

You have just painted the house and have not yet decided how to beautify the walls besides, you do not want to drill holes in it. You may want to place one or more panels above the sofa but at the same time it would be a shame to hide the beautiful moldings. Pay attention to our proposals: if the paintings are large, support them on the floor as the Nordic countries do to preserve the plaster, and if they are small, place a simple side table hanging on the wall and display it on its surface to see it well from afar.


Covering wooden walls


Did you know that through the walls we lose 20% of energy Installation of a half-height decorative wooden cladding, which in addition helps in the thermal and acoustic insulation of the wall, also gives a personal character and protects it. If you have selected white panels to better capture natural light, paint the rest of the surface in a darker color or use patterned wallpaper. Finally, playing with contradictions always leads to success.

Engineering shelf

ديكورات الجدار فوق الأريكة

It can be a designer shelf with a lot of compartments for placing books and decorative objects or a simple storage covering the width of the sofa

Wall decorations separated into two parts

ديكورات الجدار فوق الأريكة


Your sofa is against the wall and the first thing that comes to your mind is to place an illustration that occupies its entire length. But what if you have a column that divides the wall in half In this case, the best option is to decorate only one side, centering the canvas well and leaving the other side so as not to clutter up the space. Does this convince you


Finally, it is important to know that the decorations that some people think are unimportant may be the most important in the world of decoration, not only the big pieces such as the sofa, carpets or the library are the important pieces, there are accessories that are the main complement to each space, so we have allocated this space for you and listed some tips on wall decorations above the sofa that may mainly contribute to highlighting the aesthetics of the decor of the place.