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Decorations of Moroccan baths

Decorations of Moroccan baths

Date: 2022/12/16


We started with peace be upon you, dear followers of everything new about the world of decoration from SMD decorations in Turkey, we had previously talked about the paper beauty and originality of Moroccan decorations rich in definition in its general sense, and worthy of definition in its special sense, where the article was titled Moroccan decoration and here we are today we will talk in this article about the decorations of Moroccan bathrooms and mosaic or mosaic basins follow us...

We must know that Moroccan decorations are characterized by richness, beauty and authentic fine art that attracts the eyes of everyone who sees it.The artists and designers of old Morocco have created the design of the old Moroccan riads spread in the Maghreb, which combines originality, luxury and beauty, both in architecture and decorations, whether exterior decorations or interior decorations.

There is no doubt that the riads of Morocco are full of water fountains, basins and the decoration of authentic oriental bathrooms rich in luxurious mosaic and mosaic designs, so the decoration of Moroccan bathrooms shows us the most luxurious and beautiful appearance that makes its visitors live an atmosphere of bliss and relaxation.

Today we have collected impressive designs for swimming pools and the decoration of very luxurious Moroccan bathrooms from all Moroccan decoration designs.


Decoration of Moroccan baths, water fountains and spas

The designs and details of valuable decorative and architectural ornaments decorated with mosaics or mosaics and handmade faience are evident in them, with details of copper taps that give the basins luxury, grandeur, elegance and originality.

ديكورات الحمامات المغربية

Marble in the decoration of Moroccan baths and baths of Riad Morocco

Marble and alabaster are the main materials in the decoration of Morocco, especially in water basins, fountains and water fountains, where the place gains grandeur, strength and beauty.

ديكورات الحمامات المغربية
ديكورات الحمامات المغربية
ديكورات الحمامات المغربية
ديكورات الحمامات المغربية

Modern Moroccan bathroom decor

As a jealousy of decorations, he went through several embroideries and also evolved, and Moroccan bathrooms have a modern modern touch to his aesthetic while preserving his originalitymany Moroccan bathroom decorations have been inspired in a modern and modern way by decor designers to produce new designs in them from modernity, which makes them suitable for the present day, in addition to their originality and influence on old designs.

ديكورات الحمامات المغربية

Elements of Moroccan bathroom decorations

Arches: arches are one of the basics of Islamic architecture, which was used in Arab homes in the old days, where we can see them above doors, windows, corridors, around the bathtub, etc..


Mosaic or the so-called mosaic : it is an ancient art that makes a very beautiful painting by assembling several pieces of marble, glass or any kind to be a dazzling artistic painting, this beautiful art is used in floors, walls, ceilings or any place for decoration .


Decorative marble floors: which are famous for the old houses as evidence of luxury and which designers use in the decoration of Moroccan bathrooms.

Carved wood: used in the decoration of bathroom cabinets or other cabinets inside the house, they were used in the old days to show off their ability to drill in wood.

Al-mashrabiyat: it is one of the art of Arab architecture, which we have already talked about in the art of Arab decoration, which are cavities inside the wall or external windows made of wood and decorated with craftsmanship and breathtaking beauty.

What Moroccan decorations are distinguished by!؟

It is characterized by the ancient classical style of various Islamic architecture.
Reflects the heritage and history of Islamic Civilization.
Mastery through handicrafts and sculptures that are made with the smallest details and craftsmanship, such as mosaic, wood carving, marble painting and other crafts that have become scarce during this era.
The authentic oriental spirit that stands out in all decoration designs in Morocco.


It is worth mentioning that it may seem to the viewer that Moroccan designs are similar and have something in common with all of them, but despite this, each design has its own peculiarity and beauty that distinguishes it from others, especially bathroom decoration designs with the addition of Mosaic, or so-called mosaic, copper and marble, and Moroccan decorations have been characterized by authentic Islamic or Arabic motifs.

Thus, we have reached the end of our article about the decorations of Moroccan baths, which has a beauty that takes the viewer to it .