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Room decorations for 2020

Room decorations for 2020

Date: 2022/12/16


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Room decorations for 2020

Your bedroom interior does not bring you satisfaction Can't you escape to the room from everyday worries and have a good rest for the new working day So it's time to repair or renovate the bedroom ! And so that it turns into a beautiful, comfortable and functional room, when designing it, you need to take into account fashionable ideas for bedroom design for the year 2020-2021, and what it will be, we will tell you in this article that we have prepared for you, where we havecollected the best recommendations from world designers regarding room decorations for 2020

The bedroom occupies the most important place for rest and relaxation in the house, as this space should be a warm, cozy and homely place, and a person should immediately fall asleep just to get into our bedroom, so it is important to take care of its decoration, which should coincide with the lifestyle of the owner, as well as his activities, because all this will definitely leave an imprint on both individual rooms and the whole house.we will discover trends in bedroom interior design that are relevant this year.

ديكورات الغرف لعام 2020
ديكورات الغرف لعام 2020


The latest bedroom decorations for 2020

Woolen bedspreads and parquetThe latest design of room decorations for 2020 is the floor of the room with a woolen mattress, with the placement of furniture made of wood ergonomically designed, with the placement of large pillows, provided that the floor is covered with parquet
ديكورات الغرف لعام 2020


ديكورات الغرف لعام 2020


Wallpaper and art paintings

The latest bedroom decor designs are also considered to paint the room white or use wallpaper and hang art paintings, colorful bedspreads or printed drawings such as flowers, leopard skin, with a vase placed on the sides of the bed

ديكورات الغرف لعام 2020
Hang an art board or blackboard
It is also preferable to hang art boards on top of the bed, hang a blackboard with drawings or children's" scribbles"
ديكورات الغرف لعام 2020
Sofa and wallpaper

To achieve a feeling of comfort and relaxation, it is preferable to put a sofa next to the bed, use wallpaper instead of painting the walls, with placemats or blankets of calm and relaxing colors for the nerves

Flowers of dark colors

Hang paintings for geometric drawings, add a vase filled with flowers of dark colors, put wallpaper instead of painting the walls, put fur tablecloths

Painting walls in monochrome colors

The latest bedroom decor design of the year is the monochrome wall painting, which allows the freedom to choose the colors of the room decor

Intelligent lighting

Smart lighting, which helps to illuminate the room, can be used with the placement of a bedroom made of solid wood

Latest bedroom colors 2020

Through this article we offer you many ideas in bedroom colors, in full accordance with the current trends of decoration, it is ideal to achieve the room we want, in a style that represents us betterbased on the expectations of some companies such as Sherwin Williams, Behr or Pantone, in addition to the trends of interior designers, we will see the latest bedroom colors 2020 and we will also show you some inspiring examples

Apricot orange

Who would have expected that this apricot orange color would be a trend and one of the beautiful radiant colors used in room decorations for the year 2020, this Color is dry by mixing it from several colors and shades of brown, black and white, but we can use it to break boredom in rooms that are monochrome colors and not use it on all walls, or it can be added as a quilt or a simple accessory.


Shades of red

In 2020 - 2021, Red will be one of the strongest colors, but it will appear in dark and saturated tones, close to reddish-brown, Woody and warm nuances should be seen in large furniture and smaller items, while continuing to use a darker palette in the decor, which is still in fashion.

Earthy colors

Nowadays, earthy colors are a very strong palette and promise to remain clear for many years. In 2020, the color of Clay has gained more beauty when used in room decorations for this year, with the addition of the color of roses to it will become wonderful.

Pastel colors

In this year 2020, pastel colors are popular, such as green, pink, turquoise and other beautiful matte colors.

Yellow gold brass

Yellow gold copper began to appear in fashion in the middle of 2019 and is already considered one of the strongest trends in decoration for this year and it seems that it will also continue to 2021, it can be added in carpets or an important accessory that is not used a lot in the room.

Indigo blue

This indigo blue color is full of life, saturated to the interference of energy in the room environment by adding it whether paint for the wall, for carpets, for bed duvet or even curtains..


Finally, we can say that we strive at SMD decorations in Turkey to keep up with fashion in line with the basics of design by the efforts of the designers team and to suit you and satisfy you, you are always the most important, and we hope to be as confident as you.