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mosque design

mosque design

Date: 2023/03/12


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction: 

The tall minarets, the domes, and the shining crescent at night are all details linked to one place, so when you mention them, this place will always remind you, and it is the place of reverence, supplication, and closeness to God, the mosque or the mosque, as both are two words that indicate the same meaning. The distinctive designs always draw our attention, each of which carries with it a story and a wonderful and inspiring meaning, and the first thing that may draw attention is the height of the minaret or the different shapes of domes, but all that is mentioned are external details and there is also a share for the interior decoration of the mosque, so we are all when We enter a mosque that enchants us with the charming and unique small details, which are evident in the embroidery of the carpets that combine luxury and elegance, the imperfections on the walls and inside the domes, and we do not forget the carefully selected colors to give more comfort to the visitors. So the same question arises here, who is the unknown soldier behind these distinctive designs? The best answer to your question here would be a companySMD Decoration is the title of excellence and creativity that is always looking for excellence in these designs to present the best and most distinctive mosque designs.

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2- The basics of designing mosques:

There are always clear foundations for design, so it is necessary to mention these details that the company adheres to in order to obtain these unique and accurate results. We mention to you the most important of these criteria: The first criterion is the area of ​​the mosque, so that the capacity of the mosque must be taken into account in distributing decoration equipment and furniture in an optimal manner that highlights its beauty and elegance. The third criterion is taking into account the per capita share of the area, and it represents the total occupied by the individual prostrating, and this is considered important in designing and choosing carpets for the place of prayer. Water, ablutions, and the location of the women's chapel, SMD Decoration takesStandards and more with infinite precision in cooperation with the best cadres and the finest equipment and tools for internal and external decoration to make its customers satisfied with the results and more and to obtain everything that is distinctive.

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3- Interior decoration designs for mosques

The mosque decoration design is divided into two traditional elements, the dome and the minaret in principle, and it is the first thing that is noticed from the outside, in addition to the distinctive Islamic drawings and inscriptions that are taken into account when choosing each piece of the mosque’s decor. Imagine when these details meet with the equipment of the luxurious type And the ingenuity in distributing it and selecting its appropriate places will constitute an impressive artistic painting, and this is exactly what SMD Decoration offers , as it blends the beauty of the decoration that bears the character of the heritage of the past and the progress and modernity of the present in a compatible manner. Interior decoration of mosquesThe company provided by the company is very distinguished, and the company must be thought of as the first choice when it comes to the subject of interior decoration, as it seeks to make the simplest details distinctive and beautiful in order to increase the reverence of the worshipers, so its work is evident in decorating the pillars either with engravings or using wooden rolls that are wrapped on the pillar or carving on the pillars with engravings Or famous Islamic drawings, and works to make the walls decorated in a professional manner, and among the distinctive details that add a distinctive character despite its simplicity is the use of colored glass with decorations in the domes or placing it in the windows, so it is one of the simplest and most beautiful ways. As for the floor, it received a lot of attention as it was spread With the finest types of carpets with a pleasant smell, made of the most luxurious yarns, and the ceilings are decorated with dangling crystal chandeliers.

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4- Exterior decoration designs for mosques

At first glance, it may seem to you that the external decorations for mosques are limited, but not in SMD DecorationThe first title of creativity and distinction, starting from the external walls that surround the mosque, can be decorated with marble engraved with many truly wonderful details that express the Islamic character in its best form, it also decorates the stairs by using the latest engineering methods to combine decoration, dazzling scenery and comfort in addition To select the best types of marble. As for the external gate of the mosque, it is a large metal one with a black color that gives a majestic feeling and some details and inscriptions in an elegant golden color, and many small things that make a big difference in the final decoration, such as handles and their different shapes and designs. As a large part of the attention is focused on the minarets, the company is always on a journey in search of excellence in everything that is traditional and giving the best to obtain unprecedented results. The design of the minaret must be distinguished as it is the first thing that is noticed from a distance, so its designs are in the external decoration of mosquesAlways distinctive to draw attention so that the company is the first in this field.

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5- The distinctive designs by which mosques are built:

Mosques have multiple designs, so there is the Arab style, for example, which is characterized by simplicity, as it has a square or rectangular shape, and there is the Persian style, which is characterized by the iwan and its arches and domes above the prayer halls and the entrance with two minarets, and often the use of regular tiling without decoration, the Ottoman style, which It is characterized by a central dome above the middle of the prayer hall surrounded by some small domes, and it is believed that the architecture in it was slightly influenced by the Byzantines, the Mughal style, where the prayer hall is surmounted by three or five large domes, the company offers a mixture of these designs and also presents its own character so that it is distinctive and different and Giving a distinctive character to the company from others.

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6- What distinguishes SMD Decoration in mosque decorations? 

We are all looking for excellence and obtaining distinctive details, but the search process is a tiring process, and to shorten the fatigue and save efforts and put your effort into the process of enjoying the beauty of the result and the greatness of the scene, SMD Decoration is the perfect choice for you, because of the long history and long experience in this The field and the professional staff of engineers, technicians, experienced workers, and specialists in design and decoration, and this is due to its keen interest and constant keenness to meet the desires of its distinguished customers, so when the idea of ​​​​internal and external decorations comes to your mind, SMD Decoration is one of the best options on offer, but rather the best, and when the topic comes to  design Mosques, the work here becomes very impressive.