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Interior design trends for 2022 will remain

Interior design trends for 2022 will remain

Date: 2022/12/16


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Interior design trends for 2021-2022 are becomingalready hot. The most important thing in interior design is that it expresses your personality and what you consider important in your life, as people are looking for what expresses their unique personality, what may serve as a source of inspiration for others and those around them.

Interior design has a huge impact on people's lives. We may not notice it, but our mood is influenced by the colors around us and the colors we use to decorate the house, and we don't forget about the natural light that comes from the windows of our homes, which also affects our daily lives. The interior design trends that will haunt us throughout 2022 are very important for anyone looking to improve their home in the coming year and beyond.

Decor trends that will remain for 2022

اتجاهات ديكور ستبقى لعام 2022
اتجاهات ديكور ستبقى لعام 2022
اتجاهات ديكور ستبقى لعام 2022

Interior designers say no one can predict the future, but we can analyze interior design trends that will help you figure out what's happening now by making better choices for your home design today – saving you from making mistakes that could cost you dearly in the future. Therefore, through smd decorations in Turkey, we have prepared a list consisting of Seven interior decoration trends so that you can rely on them in 2022 to design the future of your home space.”


The Home Office is not going anywhere

اتجاهات التصميم الداخلي

Whether your work desk is at home or at your workplace, it will remain the greatest catalyst for your future career. Home offices are here to stay and are just as important as your traditional business office.It is definitely the only extra room that everyone needs, the design of which reflects their personal value. For this reason, the design of custom-made furniture has become of great importance for them.

Redefining workspaces

اتجاهات التصميم الداخلي

As the pandemic has been brought under control after the introduction of vaccines globally, workers, employees and business owners have begun to return to their traditional offices. In order to motivate employees to work effectively and achieve their satisfaction, workspaces are witnessing an insular transformation in the field of Interior Design, where more hospitality elements have begun to be integrated into the office, as well as employees ' interest in adding more amenities to their home.There is a general mood of anxiety and uncertainty in the post-pandemic world, so companies recognize the urgent need to promote and promote a positive work environment to support the mental and psychological health of their staff.

Decor trends that will remain for 2022 - flexible spaces

Statistics show that most employees were working from home last year. As more of them return to work in the traditional office, it is clear that this workspace will become the actual center of work and the new reality for all of them, whether they work remotely or at different places or times of the day, and therefore it will have a welcoming atmosphere for employees to adapt to, moving away from the previous formal and traditional designs.creative design planning and strategizing will also be useful to get this balance right.

Biophilic design

We are in the midst of a process of transformation, in what we might call a biophilic Conservation Society, in which we learn to take care of society. The urgent need to live in a quiet and comfortable environment has become a new trend in the field of design nowadays. Biophilic design involves combining natural elements with design features such as natural light and plants, to satisfy our innate desire to connect with nature.


Create quiet and peaceful havens in interior design


Well-being is the focus of the game, so we need to live and work in a space of calm, peace and tranquility, in addition to stimulating spaces for that atmosphere in order for people to regain clarity and balance in their lives. The home version can look like a secret garden or a quiet courtyard, while the corporate version may express a zen room or a winter garden.

Nostalgia for the past

When something is old, it is usually filled with nostalgia. These designs give off a feeling of comfort and familiarity, especially when they are mixed between the old design and the new one. In this way we experience nostalgia through a contemporary lens: something new, exciting and familiar at the same time.

Color trends in interior design

Bloody stones: we will see rich red tones in this season. This wonderful color will become more intense and is mixed with the color of lilac or the so-called breathtaking burgundy and it is expected that this trend will last in the long term, and in abundance for a while.

Neutral color tones

اتجاهات التصميم الداخلي


People are looking for a quieter space. They want to be surrounded by a neutral color palette that makes them feel warm and calm. This is especially true when it comes to home decoration. For this reason, designers recommend applying neutral, tangible tones that are of high quality.

Shades of gray

The characteristic of this design is timeless and never goes out of style. Gray is an elegant color on its own, but it goes well with neutral colors. The color palette ranges from light gray to dark panels, while Chrome occupies a special and permanent place in this combination.

Delicate shades of green

These colors refer to stillness and nature they are a key component of a rich color palette, but they can also be foil to give more earthly colors to support our passion for wandering outdoors, and can be used in all other color palettes.

Earthy yellow

Earthy yellow will bring a feeling of warmth and comfort during the post-pandemic period as this Color, which pairs well with delicate neutral colors, gives a sense of style in general.

Velvety brown

Brown overshadowed everything last year, while this year this Color has become even richer and more vivid. With mouth-watering shades like molten chocolate and truffle peppered with deeper colors, it's no wonder this color will continue to shine until 2022.

Silent blue

Silent blue is the new dark color. This season, this popular color has become much deeper and more mysterious. The variety of shades of blue from light to dark can be used to create deeper spaces.


BoConcept has developed two distinctive color palettes, which are used as a guideline for interiors. One of them is urban painting, which is described as quiet luxury, characterized by deep and saturated earthy colors. The other palette is a calm neutral color palette for warmer, more creamy tones. Find inspiration here, let interior designers work with you in creating an unusual space to express your personality.

Finally, 2022 will bring many new trends in the world of interior design. Designers will abandon overly used neutral colors, replacing them with spectacular ones that do not confuse you.Playing with different details and textures will be the safest way to give charm to any space.




اتجاهات التصميم الداخلي