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Office interior design trends 2022

Office interior design trends 2022

Date: 2022/12/16


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Office interior design trends 2022 - although working from home has become unpredictable over the past years, many of us have managed to return to more traditional offices.

The appreciation of well - designed office space continues to rise-especially after being linked to increased productivity and well-being among employees. After this period of working from home, which continues for some we have had to reassess what we want and need from office space and how its design can serve us better.

Here are some of the top office interior design trends that we expect to see throughout 2022.

اتجاهات التصميم الداخلي للمكاتب 2022

Adapting the office design to the "new normal"

As we continue to live with the challenges posed by COVID-19, the design and practical aspects of commercial and corporate spaces had to be reinvented to ensure that workplaces are not only pleasant, but also as safe as possible for employees.

This means that offices designed to be more open and spacious, allowing for effective social distancing, are now essential. It is also necessary to ensure that all areas are well ventilated and can facilitate the safe flow of people.

Design an office and bring nature into the interior

اتجاهات التصميم الداخلي للمكاتب 2022

Bringing the landscape indoors has been a popular trend in our homes over the past few years and has also become a staple in offices.

The integration of greenery and houseplants into the workspace not only helps to improve visuals and aesthetics, but can also enhance the mood and productivity of employees. Plants will also encourage a new atmosphere, helping to create a more enjoyable space overall.

As employee well-being and stress reduction are becoming more prevalent for workplace conversations, the benefits of including dynamic design in offices cannot be ignored.

Many organizations choose to bring a biophilic design to their workspaces with living walls that include various plants attached to the interior walls.

Light color palettes

اتجاهات التصميم الداخلي للمكاتب 2022

To complement the well-known calming effect of plants, we also expect many offices to incorporate lighter color palettes into their interiors. A neutral base with pops of light colors helps to create a cozy space where people can work in comfort.

Some merchants or brand owners may hesitate to change the color scheme of their spaces for fear of erasing the brand's colors and identity. However, the brand's colors can still be integrated into a space with eye-catching accents and highlights that stand out against light primary colors.

Pale woods and beige, white, gray and blue tones are great places to start when striving for a soothing feel that removes some edges from harsher office designs.

Natural light

Working in tandem with the idea of using a lighter color palette, making the most of natural light is also an important direction for office design.

Like incorporating plants, natural light can help improve employee well-being and productivity. Maximizing and reflecting natural light with mirrors or light wall colors will make the space look bigger, brighter and more airy.

Installing lamps that work with natural light is also beneficial for office spaces. Choose artificial lighting that gives a light glow and provides a perfect ambiance instead of opting for harsh fluorescent lamps.

Office sections

اتجاهات التصميم الداخلي للمكاتب 2022
اتجاهات التصميم الداخلي للمكاتب 2022
اتجاهات التصميم الداخلي للمكاتب 2022

As we continue to be aware of the spread of covid, temporary office partitions are an essential element of workplaces of all kinds.

Functionality and social distancing remain the primary reasons for having partitions in the office, but we are starting to see more design-led options that help encourage a stylish and attractive-looking space in addition to being safe.

The choice of partitions that complement the existing design of the space creates cohesive and adaptable interiors. Glass partitions are especially popular in new offices because they ensure that the space stays open and employees can feel connected while staying away.

Home amenities

After working from home, the idea of the "office" and what we need from it has changed for many of us. Current office design trends incorporate a less rigid feel, with many spaces incorporating home comforts to create a place that feels comfortable while still being productive.

Ergonomic items that we may associate with home more easily than with the office quickly make their way to workplaces. This includes things like:

Comfortable chairs
Unique carpets
Distinctive lights that give a soft and warm glow
Warm wooden furniture
Distinctive art such as paintings or sculptures

Designers call this direction "recimerchal" - a combination of residential and commercial real estate. This pull towards warmth, comfort and intimacy at work is something we can expect to see more as people move from working from home to moving back to community offices.

Office interior design trends 2022-boho office design


In previous years, many offices have prioritized modern designs, and this trendy technological look is likely to come to mind; however, with this shift towards more comfortable workplaces, we are seeing a rise in creatively designed bohemian spaces.

Often, we see offices that combine old and new design styles to create unique but functional areas. This may include combining vintage styles with antique furniture in a stylish and technically advanced office.

The unconventional combination of old and new is a great way to give that sense of personality and personality that many office workers are starting to look for.



Many of the office trends of the past years have been driven by responses to COVID-19, but this does not mean that a compromise on style is needed! Over the remainder of the year and beyond, we expect to see office design become more employee-centric, with employers directly asking what their workers want and need from their space.

So, through smd decorations in Turkey, we have been working on the trends of office interior design 2022 and what distinguishes office interior design this year.

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