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Decoration trends of the year

Decoration trends of the year

Date: 2022/12/16


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At the beginning of each year, new trends appear in the world of interior decoration, so we tried earlier in previous articles to collect information from several Arab and foreign sites specialized in the world of interior decoration and engineering, and we talked about kitchen decoration trends, wallpaper and others for this year.in this report, we provided some information about the decoration trends for this year, as it is a great time to start over, whether that means organizing your wardrobe and arranging your kitchen, or taking a step forward by updating the aesthetic of your home. To learn about the best design trends that will dominate our living spaces in 2022, we asked several trusted architects and interior designers about their forecasts, and also collected insights from recently published polls.

Decoration trends of the year

One of the most important home design trends of 2022 are iterations of concepts that we have seen in recent years, but this is not due to a lack of creativity. Rather, it is likely that it is because we continue to rely on our personal tastes and needs. Read on for this year's top decorating trends that architecture and interior design experts have seen steadily emerging - and those they expect will fade as we move into 2022.

Decoration trends of the year : seeing green

اتجاهات الديكور لهذا العام

Even before the covid-19 lockdown for people who spend more time indoors, studies have shown that having plants in your home can improve concentration and reduce stress levels, not to mention improve indoor air quality. Now that we have come to the work-from-home lifestyle that seems to be lingering, it is only natural that people are trying to find ways to bring the outdoors into their homes. The popularity of bio-loving design principles has been steadily increasing in recent years, with an emphasis on creating soothing, plant-filled environments that create a visual connection with nature. In 2022, it seems that our collective love for lush indoor environments will continue to flourish.

According to the recently released Pinterest predictions 2022 report, which analyzes emerging global trends based on the results of foreign sitesbetween October 2019 and September 2021, searches for "neighborhood-loving architecture" increased by 150 percent on the website during that period.The terms "Bio-Design Bedroom", "staircase garden" and "floral ceiling" have also jumped significantly. But not only work and living spaces full of greenery will bloom this year: green-painted interiors from playful accents on kitchen cabinets to fully painted living room walls will also be present everywhere.

اتجاهات الديكور لهذا العام


Major brands such as Benjamin Moore, Farrow and Ball, and Sherwin-Williams have included various shades of green in their lists of the best paint colors for 2022. Wallpapers and fabrics decorated with floral and animal motifs will also be popular choices to add playful touches to spaces around the House. Whether you embrace this trend by taking care of your indoor garden or decorating your interiors with touches of emerald and Moss, just think: foliage motifs and forest-inspired colors.

Decoration trends of the Year : sustainable materials

اتجاهات الديكور لهذا العام

Likewise, it seems that we are also looking forward to "eco-friendly" materials next year. In the survey of trends of interior designers from the online market, which asked 750 interior designers from its commercial program about their tastes with the advent of the new year, almost 97 percent of designers said that sustainable materials will prevail in 2022 such as wood and recycled stone will be popular elements in both architecture and interior design.

The upward trend towards the reuse of existing materials can extend to construction methods as well. We have seen this trend steadily emerge over recent years, with smart adaptive reuse projects ranging from barn conversions to warehouse renovations.




Decoration trends of the year : earthy textures

اتجاهات الديكور لهذا العام

Expect to see more concrete materials wood, plaster, bronze, leather and finishes with textures derived from nature.Interior designers say that the visibility of a lot of floor finishes such as plaster, clay and lime will increase in 2022.

Revival of handicrafts

Many of our experts agree that an increasing number of consumers are looking for vintage, vintage and handmade furniture and decorations for their homes. As the slowdown has given people the opportunity to explore practical activities such as ceramics, painting and baking, we have seen an attraction towards craft pieces that can be appreciated more now that there is an understanding of how difficult it is to do them.

There is a greater appreciation of craft knowledge that follows the rise of nature or the use of archival textiles in fashion.

And we must have seen the soft Scandinavian style in which the trends of this picturesque design full of life and nature-influenced began to be clearly visible.

In the decoration trends of this year we will see more vestibules, corridors, libraries, console offices, storerooms and changing spaces with an emphasis on the presentation of collections of items in 2022. As for the furnishings, chairs resembling arbors, consoles, side panels can be thought of.As for accessories, look for oversized table lamps, large candlesticks, duvets, rustic linens, carvings, and heavily decorated ceramics.

As for upholstery, the further you move away from simple motifs as we see the more experiments with edge details including ruffles and pleats as some of these decorative elements may have felt cramped before, but I think that when paired with bolder colors and patterns, they can feel less traditional and more playful.

Decoration trends of the year: wavy geometry

Rounded details will also remain present in 2022, but the shape will expand to new areas of the house and take shape in new iterations. Wavy ripples appear a lot in furniture, oblique stone details in the walls of the house or any space and many different places.In addition to sofas with soft corners and arched windows or doorways, we can expect an increase in curved elements throughout the House. You can jump in this direction by incorporating circular structural details such as Waterfall corners on consoles, worktops, desks, and front panels. Or choose less durable decor options, such as roller tables and round area rugs.

However, there may be two specific parts of the house where the Round details will make the biggest push next year.The Pinterest predictions 2022 report showed a 140 percent increase in searches for "curved ribbon design" and a 170 percent increase in "round pool decorating ideas" led by boomers, millennials, and Generation X.

With this, we have reached the end of our report, which details detailed information about the decoration trends for this year and some photos shown, wishing you continued health and wellness from SMD decoration group in Turkey.