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Decoration trends for 2021

Decoration trends for 2021

Date: 2022/12/16


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2020 has been a challenging year, and with so many changes affecting our lives at the moment, it can be difficult to even look ahead and think about future plans, COVID-19 has significantly changed the way we live, so it is not strange that it has a huge impact on the way we design and decorate our homes.Interior design trends are a direct response to global events, so you should use the new year to bring comfort and creativity to your home, and after reviewing the designers ' equipment for the coming period, so we have brought to you through our SMD decorations in Turkey the best decoration trends for 2021 to renovate your home with the latest trends.

اتجاهات الديكور لعام 2021

Decoration trends for 2021 dark blue color

اتجاهات الديكور لعام 2021
اتجاهات الديكور لعام 2021

The dark blue color will be the trend of 2021, it is suitable for creating elegant and contemporary spaces, and the shades of that color add more harmony between the decorative elements used, but you have to use it with some neutral colors as shown by that design, white is the most appropriate color that can be used here to add a sense of spaciousness and enhance lighting to see all the creative details.

Simple and incredibly stylish

اتجاهات الديكور لعام 2021

Minimalist interior design is often a guaranteed way to create a warm and cozy home that is worth the investment, and it will certainly never go out of style that you seek, if you take a look at that room you will find that it has focused on white and gray in the design of most of the elements, with touches of black and wooden tables that give a striking color harmony to the entire design.

Add your favorite plants

Of course, there are several other ways to introduce greenery into the design of your home, however, remember that you choose the right plants for the decor you want, as you see the plant pot here in its ideal place and very much resembles the picture next to it, use that method of design and you will definitely feel lively and pure.

One of the decoration trends of 2021 is wood

اتجاهات الديكور لعام 2021

Light Woods will be a fashionable material for interiors over the next year, you can use this material not only for flooring but also for covering walls and ceilings, and here the designers relied on light-colored woods in the entire design of the room, adding a few simple elements in black to give some depth to the design.

Natural materials in a fashionable way

Contact with nature is indispensable, and we need it very much, especially in the recent period, which makes us feel refreshed and relaxed, you can use elements found in nature in your decoration, such as stone or wood, or add photos and wall paintings to these elements, if they are not at your fingertips.

Gray: the color of the coming year

The year 2021 will be characterized by charming gray tones, Gray is the most contemporary neutral color in interiors, and you can use this Color in its various shades in your home to give it a touch of elegance and excellence, and it is also well suited for small spaces.

Want help in completing your home project

Antiques of art bring life to interiors, whether at home or anywhere, and are the focus of attention that immediately attracts the eyes of those who watch them, and a wonderful piece of art on the walls can easily enhance the attractiveness of your home, as shown in this model, a mummified deer head on the wall adds more distinction to the minimalist design of the room.

Contemporary rustic design

Rustic decor is centered around attributes that show the beauty of natural materials, if you are looking for elegant ways to incorporate a rustic atmosphere into your space, you can use some ideas from this lively design, and we find that the stone wall adds a vibrant touch to that distinctive kitchen.

A small factory in your home

Designs that follow the industrial style are the latest trends that designers are currently doing, as you can see, the living room in this model relies on modernity and draws its inspiration from several elements such as concrete, wood and metal, and the industrial style needs the boldness of your personality and your enjoyment of critical decisions to be able to implement it.

Simplicity and sophistication

Speaking about the interior design trends of 2021, we also need to take a look at the color schemes that have a long-term classic appeal, neutral colors are always fashionable and modern, they will remain a key element in designers ' choices, and these colors are attractive to homeowners because they allow variety in the choice of furniture, and these gentle colors encourage relaxation.

We wish you from SMD decorations team in Turkey a happy blessed New Year in which goodness, livelihood and blessing ^ _ ^