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Exploiting small spaces in the kitchen

Exploiting small spaces in the kitchen

Date: 2022/12/16


(Kitchen) Exploiting small spaces

Why the kitchen?

The least that can be said about the kitchen is that it is the house of the private housewife, so we find that modern decoration companies are interested in designing the kitchen and making it distinctive because it is the most important thing for the customer.

How do I make my kitchen look spacious and comfortable?

Madam, when choosing your kitchen decor, you should pay attention to several things that will make your kitchen look great, the most important of which are:

1- Choosing colors close to white will make the space look spacious and comfortable for the eye.

The closer the color was to white, it gave the eye a feeling that the void was large and wide.

Therefore, when choosing the colors of ceramic tiles and kitchen floors, you should stay away from dark colors and try as much as possible to coordinate light colors.


2- Making the window openings wide to let in the largest amount of daylight will make the kitchen a very special place.

The daylight is the most attractive thing in the space, so the large window openings help to create a feeling of warmth and peace.

The presence of large windows in small kitchens will completely change the kitchen.

3- Creativity in using shelves will keep the kitchen organized.

Organizing kitchen utensils into beautiful, creative shelves will make the kitchen more eye-pleasing.

As well as choosing the places of the shelves to serve the user to the maximum, is essential to facilitate the work of the housewife in the kitchen.

4- The use of the U system in the design of kitchens always gives the best use of space and at the lowest costs.

This system gives an excellent use of the small kitchen space, and this system has proven its worth in most small kitchen designs.

Using this layout in your kitchen will make moving around in the kitchen easy and convenient while leaving space for all your essential kitchen utensils.

5- Creativity in exploiting spaces in all its forms.

Last but not least, creativity in exploiting spaces in small spaces is the perfect solution to the problems of these spaces.