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Architecture and Interior Design Student Tools

Architecture and Interior Design Student Tools

Date: 2023/03/26


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

Interior design is the art of making a room attractive, easy to use, and in harmony with the architecture. It is intended to decorate the interior and depends on the design 

It is to give a "touch" to the room. This includes applying wall paint, wallpaper, and other floors and ceilings, choosing furniture and accessories such as lamps, providing enough room to move around, and customizing a space or space, for example by adding paintings, sculptures, and rugs.

Interior design studies are mainly dependent. Sometimes there is an exchange between the engineer and the owner to choose and look at the interior items such as furniture, decorations, accessories, and bedroom decorations. Interior design, on the other hand, is the coordination and creativity of beautiful shapes.

As for architecture, it relies on designing, planning and building buildings and facilities to meet human needs, whether material or moral.

With a wide variety of building materials and construction methods, the field of architecture is expanding to include different types of sciences, including history, mathematics, natural sciences, and technology. Psychology, philosophy, management and also law! All these lessons are important for the architect to understand man, his thinking, his life and his history.

The factors that affect the psyche, thus creating human structures in which humans can live and adapt.

The term architecture is a general term to describe buildings and structures. It is also the way buildings and structures are designed and constructed. It is also used

The term architecture includes all other disciplines such as computer architecture and software engineering, especially in the field of information technology.

 Where the architect is trained to build a structure, and to obtain fruitful results, he uses the tools of the student of architecture and interior design  so that he conforms to specific dimensions, rules, and laws. It ensures the proper functioning of the building, and the interior designer is responsible for the attractive interior design that satisfies the residents.

SMD Decoration  provides   the most creative services in the field of interior decoration and design.  Dear reader, it shows you the tools of the student of architecture and interior design    according to the following:  

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2- The names of  the tools of the student of architecture and interior design:


The specialty of architecture is related to the art and science of engineering at the same time. Architecture is the art of creating and imagining the external shape of the building and the place to be designed, and then the possibility of drawing it on paper in the smallest details, using the tools of the student of architecture and interior design, and then following up and guiding the engineers during the implementation period, and all this is   within

Specific scientific standards guarantee that this fantasy will be realized in the form of a building that is livable in peace and security, and that it can confront normal and emergency natural incidents.

An architect is a scientifically qualified person with highly professional skills who is directly responsible for the design of many different buildings.

In addition, the architect must take into account the environmental and geological facts of the construction site, and take into account the conditions of the neighboring facilities during the implementation of the new design, whether it is a residential building, or an industrial or service facility, and he must also take into account the necessary needs of the people from this building, the qualifications of the architect are very strict Where he must acquire the qualifications so that he holds a bachelor's or master's degree in architecture. These are mainly interior design studies. Sometimes there is an exchange between the engineer and the owner to choose and look at the interior items such as furniture, decorations, accessories, and bedroom decorations. Interior design


An agreement is reached between the interior designer and the customers, whereby the aesthetic dimension and its impact on the workers inside the place or the daily pioneers are largely controlled in the decoration design.

The interior designer does not depend on repeating the ideas that were designed in similar places in the same way.  

To watch a video about the tools of an architecture and interior design student,    click here 

And because SMD Decoration , the company    that works most in the art of interior decoration and design,   will remind you, dear reader, of the tools of the student of architecture and interior design  


First tool: Sketchbooks. 

Used by the architect to draw buildings with pencil, pen or watercolor, sketchbooks are often of specific measurements, and sometimes notes are added to the drawings

The second tool is pens and pencils:

Architectural design is directly related to drawing with pens of different thicknesses, whether they are traditional pencils, pencils or inking pens, in addition to the eraser.

The third tool is templates with straight and curved edges

They are thin, perforated templates for the engineer to use to represent different shapes commonly used in interior design and architectural plans. They have several shapes. There are circular and square templates, and there are special templates for drawing electrical symbols, plumbing fixtures, furnishings, etc., circle templates and oval templates

Triangle tool: 

It helps engineers draw lines drawn at precise angles, because without precise lines, buildings could be skewed or roads could veer in the wrong directions

The fifth tool is the engineering drawing table 

It is a table with a large surface to accommodate various project sizes, and is often adjustable to suit the architect

 The sixth tool is T-shaped rulers 

It is a ruler used mainly in engineering drawing, and it has a short cross-section that slides along the edge of the drawing board as a reference. The longer orthogonal section in making parallel lines, and right angles, is used to support triangles 

The seventh caliper tool: 

It is used to draw circles and arcs. It has a pin at the end of one leg and a lead holder at the end of the other leg. The best way to use the compass is to locate the center point of the circle or arc, then determine the required radius, and open the caliper so that the distance between the two legs of the caliper is equal to the radius of the circle. 

 The eighth tool writing templates:

They are plastic molds of small thickness, perforated, used by the engineer to represent words and numbers with correct dimensions and in an arranged font in the English language, and they are used to provide specifications and notes in a clear, understandable and legible handwriting.

The last tool curves: 

They are plastic molds consisting of several different curves used to draw curves of geometric shapes, as used by car designers and fashion designers


   Image 2


3- The relationship between the tools of the student of architecture and interior design     .

The use of architecture and interior design student tools helps analyze clients' needs and goals. And search for interior design skills. Conceiving functional and aesthetic compliance with standards.

So that you develop and present your final project proposal using the right presentation tools.

Work drawings and specifications are prepared for building materials and various details, materials, finishes, furniture and fixtures such as bathrooms and their accessories, and their conformity with the system and scientific tests.

Cooperating with professional services and obtaining professional qualifications in the field of mechanical, electrical and goods subject to licensing.


Help develop solutions to design problems. Architecture and interior design at the same time there are many technical and technical aspects that need to be well understood by them.

Architects and interior designers tend to have different skill sets.

Interior designer prepares a space to perform a job with minimal effort, including floors, walls, ceilings, and furnishings as specified 

As for the architect, he revives this design and then implements it in any place and space, whatever its destination and character, using different materials and appropriate colors. 

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SMD Decoration is trying to follow the previous procedures and additional conditions set by the client and apply them at every stage of the implementation of the interior decoration in order to satisfy him and obtain his trust and maintain its strength and honesty in the labor market with its good reputation in interior decoration.


4- Important advice about  the tools of the student of architecture and interior design    and the services provided by SMD Decoration   .

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SMD Decoration is  one of the most creative companies   and advises everyone to use the tools of architecture and interior design engineering students that were explained in the article and show the services provided by the company. When receiving a specific project, it has people who specialize in interior decoration and color coordination and are able to design interior decoration with full perfection and elaborate execution.    

 And it follows it up, starting from drawing up the plan in terms of small details, all the way to setting the final finishes, and SMD Decoration uses the best cadres of designers, architects, interior designers, and artists as well, in order to give distinguished and impressive results to its customers, and it follows up all global developments in The field of interior decoration and design in order to remain a leader in the field of interior decoration and design, ahead of hundreds of steps. If you are looking for excellence, then the company is your first and last choice because excellence is a decision and not a mere coincidence, so he decided to be distinguished through the distinguished SMD Decoration services that we offer you, so we put Our special mark in any field by focusing on the simple details to give great results such as thinking about the consistency between the surrounding environment and the exterior design  

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We would like to point out that SMD Decoration   for interior design and decoration in Turkey does not use bitcoins or digital currencies in its business dealings, but rather charges its fees through paper currencies or bank transfers.