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Types of wall coatings .. Advantages and disadvantages

Types of wall coatings .. Advantages and disadvantages

Date: 2022/12/16


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Painting walls is one of the important things in home decor, as it works to highlight the beauty of the place, so it is advisable when choosing colors and types of wall paint not to rush because it has a very big impact; because in the case of choosing types of paint that are inconsistent with the home decor gives a feeling of discomfort, choosing types of paints is no less important than choosing colors, as there are many types of paints and each type has advantages and disadvantages, so it is preferable before choosing paint to know the disadvantages and features of each type and choose what suits your home decor.

Wall paints are three layers, the most important of which is the last layer (the final face), which gives a touch of beauty in the home decor if it is chosen carefully and accurately, for this SMD GROUP company we will explain to you in our article the types of wall paint .. Its disadvantages and advantages.

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Types of wall painting advantages and disadvantages of each type

1. Plastic paint

Many decoration experts preferred to choose plastic paint because of its advantages, as there are many colors and it is easy to install and choose the desired color tones, and plastic paint has three types of glossy, matte, semi-glossy.

Advantages of plastic coating:-

1-it has varying degrees of gloss, which suits different tastes.2-cheap compared to other paints.3. it is easy to clean.4-it does not need time to dry quickly.

Disadvantages of plastic coating:-

1.one of its main disadvantages is that plastic paint does not tolerate moisture.2-it is not used in painting wooden surfaces.

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2.Oil painting

Oil paint occupies a large niche as it is used by many people, and it has three types of glossy oil paint, semi-glossy oil paint, and matte oil paint.

Features of oil paint: - it is characterized by a gloss that gives a luster to the place.Easy to clean.Withstands moisture.
Disadvantages of oil paint: - it does not tolerate high sun temperatures, a change in colors occurs and with time the colors fade and yellow.It takes a long time to dry.

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طلاء الجدران


3. Latex paint:

Latex is the juice of rubber plants, it acts as a dispersion of particles of natural rubber polymer.But the use of natural raw materials is expensive, so this option is quite expensive.Today, synthetic polymers are used to make latex, which has a positive effect on its value.Latex paint is presented in the form of an aqueous liquid dispersion of any polymer of synthetic origin.This means that the polymer particles do not dissolve in water, but their presence prevents adhesion.After coating the surface, the water evaporates, and the polymer particles gradually stick together, forming a continuous film.The color performance of latex paint depends on the color, which is presented in the form of a paste, the composition of the product is added to the material you need.

1-environmentally friendly, as it can be used to design bedrooms, living rooms and even children's rooms.2-a permanent coating where the paint creates a reliable layer on the painted surface, but it is worth taking care of it, do not use frequent cleaning of painted surfaces.3. latex paint has excellent masking ability, so when almost no leakage occurs, an average of 100 to 500 ml of paint per square meter of surface is required.4. latex paint is a mixture of polymers and particles, so it does not emit a specific odor.5-it dries quickly, usually this process takes up to five hours, and the drying speed depends on the air temperature.

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شجرة اللاتكس


4. Acrylic paint

هذا الطلاء accountable, the لكنه يتميز بالأداء الممتاز. يمكن استخدامه لزخارف واجهات المباني أو المينا الداخلية.يحتفظ بمظهره الجذاب under أي container or الظروف.العديد mind المشترين يتفقون Is انه mind الأفضل شراء طلاء أكريليك باهظ الثمن ورسم الغرفة مرة واحدة لفترة طويلة mind شراء طلاء رخيص وطلاء المكان tomorrow normal.


5. Silicone coating

Silicone paints have recently gained wide popularity and have become a popular type of paint and varnish products. This happened due to the fact that they have advantages over other analogues, since the polymer coating can be applied to walls and ceilings even in rooms with high temperatures and humidity, for this it is waterproof, and the coating is suitable in kitchens and bathrooms.

   . Features of silicone coating:-

1-vapor permeability, that is, this coating supports the natural exchange of moisture in the room, for this it can be used in rooms with high humidity, without fear of mold. 2-resistant to the harmful effects of the natural environment such as the heat of the sun or extreme cold.3. dirt-resistant, i.e. does not attract dust particles, so it is used for interior decoration and exterior walls of the building.4-the silicone coating is flexible and its coverage is excellent and can be sufficient for 20 - 25 years.


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At the end of our article prepared by SMD decorations in Turkey, we note that the need to know the types of wall paint or paints in terms of quality and how each type should be chosen according to the space to be designed because it keeps taking into account the places where moisture and Heat are excessive and other conditions and rules that must be followed when.