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Types of kitchens

Types of kitchens

Date: 2022/12/16


Types of kitchens: Work areas have evolved to match modern kitchens, as the triple work area was designed a long time ago.

When it was used only for cooking, there were only three appliances in the kitchen (refrigerator, gas oven and sink).

As we mentioned to you in a previous article about kitchens and the importance of the work triangle in designing any kitchens.

Today let's watch and read together the difference between the types of designs and which of them are typical for us in our dream house in the future.

Single kitchen:

We suggest that this design is suitable for narrow spaces and is often on one 3-meter wall without windows or doors.

In general, this design gives the longest moving distance, as there is often space for walking from the beginning of the void to its end.

Hence, positioning the pelvis halfway is ideal.

It is located within a sufficient and insulating safety distance from the cooking stove.

Rectangular kitchen size:

This design provides the most efficient use of space.

As this design is the choice of many housewives and chefs.

In this case, the two rows on either side of the space give enough space for preparation as well as allow easy movement in the kitchen.

While we prefer this design if this kitchen is located in a corridor.

Openings at both ends of the kitchen can cause crowding.

Make sure that there is enough space in front of the drawers to open them easily (at least 120 cm).

It is also most important to maintain hygiene and to have the cooking area on the same side in order to reduce the risk of accidents when moving hot pots between the sink and stove.

L-shaped kitchen:

This design is so popular that we can easily fit the dining nook in the same space.

By using two adjacent walls, the kitchen can be used because there is no movement in it.

The sink, stove and refrigerator are separated from each other in the food preparation area.

U-shaped kitchen

The use of three full walls in the void gives the best kitchen design.

The refrigerator, stove and sink are far apart, providing maximum space efficiency.

This design depends on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe kitchen, maintaining the maximum distance rate.

The best thing about this design for cooking people and housewives is that this design makes the best use of the window by having the shortest distance around the kitchen.

This shape gives the greatest opportunity to use the spaces opposite the kitchen as well as the storage area and if it allows the sink in the middle of one side of them.

Island Kitchen:

It is a very popular design, as the island design is the best design in order to have fun being in the kitchen.

But this design requires a large floor area.

Since the space allocated for the island can face the dining room or living room.

This allows you to cook with a sense of social presence around you.

The sink in this design provides the best arrangement according to the design rule based on the triple working area.

A cooking area with a canopy over the island can be a very important focus area in the kitchen.

And now we think it has become clear how you can define your kitchen and order the finishes that suit its space.

Be creative with colors, lighting, and materials.

Who said that the kitchen needs to be covered with white ceramics and a corresponding metal table

This is absurd and will not give you what you want from your kitchen.