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Types of wood and characteristics

Types of wood and characteristics

Date: 2022/12/16


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Many people are confused when they want to buy furniture in good quality wood, which has a high endurance, and lasts longer, as there are many types of wood, including: solid wood and soft wood, and each of these types has certain characteristics that distinguish it and its own uses that make it preferable to others, and we will talk in this article about the distinctive characteristics of wood, and the most famous types of it around the world, so we have allocated to you from SMD decorations in Turkey a report in which we will talk about the types of wood and characteristics, then we will separate more about the uses of artificial and natural wood in the world of interior decoration are the features of each type .. Follow us

Wood is divided into two types-natural and artificial

Natural wood

Natural wood is the one that has not been interfered by human hands in its composition or what it is, and it is trees that exist in nature, the role of man was limited to cutting and cutting it in sizes that suit industrial needs or reasons of use, or perhaps he cultivates and takes care of it, and this makes its wood more abundant, more quality, or both.

Industrial timber

Industrial wood is wood that has been manufactured by man, who has chosen its components, shapes, etc.Since they are called wood, this means that the main component or basic material in their manufacture is wood, otherwise they would not be called Wood.It is manufactured in several ways and its name and specifications vary according to the method of manufacture, including Okal, MDF, latte, opposite, playwood.

Types of wood and characteristics

Beech wood

Beech wood is made from good logs, it is characterized by durability and flexibility in shaping, and is also the most elegant and common type of wood. The hardest type of wood used in the manufacture of furniture is Beech, because its pores are very narrow and there are no knots in it.Its color is slightly inclined to red, perhaps this is a new feature.Beech is also distinguished by its ease of painting, its color is light. There are many types of beech wood, including American, Turkish, Russian, and Romanian, and beech wood is very high in price compared to other types of wood.The most expensive and high-quality Beech species is Romanian, Romania is its native country and the most suitable climate for its cultivation, while the least expensive and high-quality is Turkish.Beech wood is preferred in the manufacture of furniture items that are subjected to stress, and require durability such as doors, parquet, office furniture.

Oak wood

This type of evergreen or deciduous tree is extracted from oaks growing in the northern hemisphere.Oak wood is characterized by strength, flexibility, durability, the beauty of its fibers, its resistance to pests, as well as its many colors; it includes white, red, and black oaks.Oak wood is used to make expensive luxury furniture, flooring, wooden tools and handles for utensils and in buildings, and in the manufacture of rafters used to install mines and in railway boards, barrels.Also called Oak, it is a widely used hardwood, of which almost sixty species are available, in America.However, his sources are Austria, England, Greece, Italy، And the Baltic states.

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Maran wood

The wood of the myrrh is solid wood, and its types include white myrrh, whose trees grow in eastern North America, European myrrh, black myrrh, and red myrrh.Maran Wood is strong and flexible at the same time; therefore, it is used in the manufacture of bows, luxury baseball bats, tossing rackets and a box of guitars, office furniture.black Maran Wood is used to make bamboo baskets and as firewood.

Linden wood

Linden Wood is an inexpensive hardwood species, it has straight, close-grained fibers, and its pores are very small.Its color ranges from creamy white, to creamy brown, or reddish brown.


Birch wood

Bars or birch are solid wood species, their color is yellowish-brown, their grain is close-grained, and they are moderately expensive.

أنواع الخشب وخصائصة
أنواع الخشب وخصائصة
أنواع الخشب وخصائصة

Types of wood (cedar)

Cedar wood is an expensive softwood species and there are several types of it, including: white cedar, eastern red, western red, Japanese cedar and others.Cedar wood has a pale red color induces its surface has lines and knots and is used for the manufacture of boxes, cabinets, pencils, small boats, tiles, it is distinguished by its ability to resist insects and damage, its fragrant aroma, fine convergent grains, and it also does not need bleaching or dyeing.


Wood types and characteristics (white pine wood)


White pine wood is an expensive softwood species and its color ranges from cream to yellowish-brown and its grains are close, so it clearly shows growth rings and is used in the manufacture of all types of furniture in different styles, such as colonial-style furniture and modern style.

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Black cherry wood

Black cherry wood is a closely grained hardwood species and its color ranges from light brown to dark reddish brown, as it is characterized by the beauty of its grains and is used in the manufacture of furniture, especially expensive beautiful cabinets, and is usually painted with light paint to highlight its color.One of the disadvantages of black cherry wood is the difficulty of working with it using hand tools, and its high price.

Types of wood (Elm)

This type is a hard curable wood, its color ranges from light brown to dark brown and often contains red stripes and its grains are attractive and beautiful and is used to make all kinds of furniture, especially arched wood, for this it is a rare species as a result of the exposure of elm trees to Dutch elm disease, which eliminated many of them, so it is expensive.

Mahogany wood

Mahogany wood is one of the most valuable types of wood in the world, as it is used in the manufacture of furniture with high specifications and wood veneers are extracted from it.the color of mahogany wood is between brown, reddish brown, and dark red, and its grains are distinctive and attractive.

Euro wood:

Oru or Kuru Wood is a lot of definitions and therefore it is the best types of wood and the most expensive types of wood used in furniture types and the most difficult to form at all, so you find furniture made of it is some of the very rare pieces of art, and it has recently become famous in decorating walls.Euro wood panels were used to give the walls touches of luxury, elegance and irresistible attractiveness, and it is the cheapest of its Yugoslav types due to the humidity in it, while the American (white) is the most expensive and durable.Dark ivory English type is available from it, which is used to make doors, windows and stairs. There is also an Austrian type, and another African solid red.

MDF wood

Here is compressed wood, which is artificial wood, i.e. medium density fibrous wood, and this wood is made from natural sawdust and natural wood residues or from compressed cardboard, it is considered one of the most famous types of wood used in the furniture industry, as it is characterized by strength, durability, reasonable price and long life, but it absorbs water easily, and this is the disadvantage of this type of wood, so it is always advisable to keep it away from floors and damp places exposed to water, so people may be surprised if they know that most of the furniture around them is made of the quality of this wood, because it is very widespread and famous in the furniture industry. perhaps the famous company in the furniture industry Ikea, whose furniture is all made of compressed wood, and that Back to its mentioned features.

Types of wood and characteristics

Before concluding, We would like to note that the topic of timber is a long one, and because we are interested in knowing all the necessary information, we will detail it in several stages in future reports, God willing .

With this, we are finished with the types of wood, their characteristics and what distinguishes each type so that you can find out which one suits your uses, and we are always ready to provide help and advice in case you need it with our greetings to you.

أنواع الخشب وخصائصة
أنواع الخشب وخصائصة
أنواع الخشب وخصائصة