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Types of lighting and their importance in decoration

Types of lighting and their importance in decoration

Date: 2022/12/16


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Types of lighting and their importance in decoration

Lighting is one of the most important elements when designing decor, lighting is the one that gives balance and smoothness between all the different decor elements and showing them in a manner commensurate with the interior design of any space, the importance of lighting in decoration is not limited only to its functional characteristics among the decor elements, but is also considered one of the most important elements in the aesthetic types of lighting and its importance in decoration.


Types of lighting and their importance in decoration


The use of different types of lighting in tandem is the most important factor to ensure perfect lighting for your home, as lighting experts around the world emphasize the importance of using the basic layers, namely: (ambient lighting, directional lighting, task lighting) no matter what your home design or even your personal taste.

So we will remind you of the types of lighting and their importance in decoration


1-task lighting :-



أنواع الإضاءة واهميتها في الديكور
أنواع الإضاءة واهميتها في الديكور
أنواع الإضاءة واهميتها في الديكور
  • Sitting benches in the living room where you can browse the newspaper, the internet or read a book without exhausting your eyes where you can use the lighting of the nightstand (lampshades) to perform this task.
أنواع الإضاءة واهميتها في الديكور
  • In the office room, task lighting helps you to get your work done comfortably and accurately at the same time. Floor lighting units or a table lighting unit will suit this purpose perfectly.
أنواع الإضاءة واهميتها في الديكور
أنواع الإضاءة واهميتها في الديكور
أنواع الإضاءة واهميتها في الديكور


2. Ambient Lighting :-

Ambient lighting means general lighting that illuminates the whole room sufficiently and at a uniform level for the entire place without focusing on one side of the room exclusively on others.Usually we meet the ambient light button as soon as we enter the room, we press it to illuminate the ambient light of the place.Ambient lighting is represented by different types and shapes of lighting units. Of the main ones:

Lighting units suspended from the ceiling as chandeliers (chandeliers) or even hidden as light houses.

  • وحدات الإضاءة الأرضية بغطاء شفاف وتوجه إضاءتها للأعلى
  • الشمعدانات الجدارية.
  • Architectural lighting units such as hidden lighting in the cavity of the suspended ceiling (cove lighting) or cornice lighting (fossil lighting).
أنواع الإضاءة واهميتها في الديكور


3. guided lighting :-

The third type is in the types of lighting and its importance in Decoration, which is directed lighting used to highlight a specific thing in the room in order to highlight its beauty and draw attention to it, and one of the most important things that may need directed lighting:

Art paintings or pictures hanging on the walls.
Libraries are in the living room.
Vases or sculptures.
Directional lighting is also often used in the garden of the house in order to highlight at night some trees or plants planted in it .

Track lighting or concealed lighting units in their various forms are usually used to obtain directional lighting.


Aesthetic lighting :

We have finished explaining the three basic types of industrial lighting with the features and use of each of them, and we must add aesthetic lighting that can serve the previous types that we talked about, and this type of lighting simulates jewelry at home, giving its light a shine and glow that highlights the beauty of our homes, and it is also a piece of art in itself, but you need to choose it with taste that suits your home decor and achieves its practical purpose at the same time.


Examples :-

Here are some examples of aesthetic lighting

Chandeliers or chandeliers are characterized by their various shapes and materials, giving you aesthetic lighting and ambient lighting at the same time.
Floor lighting units are also attractive and eye-catching, so you can use them for aesthetic lighting and task lighting as well.
Candlesticks: wall candlesticks have occupied a distinguished place among the lighting units because of the decoration and beauty that the walls add and are always found in ancient homes.

أنواع الإضاءة واهميتها في الديكور

It is worth mentioning that as sustainability is one of the most important principles that we are always keen on at SMD decorations in Turkey, we must pay tribute to the splendor of natural lighting, especially when its relationship with spaces is treated to become an essential part of the interior design of our homes or for any space that gives a distinctive and healthy atmosphere.To achieve this, we can make aesthetically pleasing openings in some places where the Sun runs out, such as East and West, for our homes or offices.

Let's give you an example that we have talked about before in a previous article The Art of decoration in Yemeni architecture, which is the natural lighting in the Yemeni civilization, where the Yemenis use light breakers in several geometric and Islamic shapes with the addition of colored glass, called (moons) through which light is transmitted and gives a fantasy aesthetic shape, especially in facades that are exposed to the summer sun.

الضوء الطبيعي

At the end of our article, we want to point out that some people think that using one type of lighting is enough, and this is completely incorrect, since each type of them has a different use and purpose from the other, but distributing lighting in an ill-considered way, exaggerating the numbers of lighting elements and the amount of light, or choosing them in colors that are not homogeneous with furniture, wall color and the rest of the room components leads to negative consequences for the users ' psyche and for the design aesthetic alike.

Therefore, at SMD decorations in Turkey, we always strive to study every space in terms of the correct distribution of lighting, and we are here with you to add our expertise in designing your offices and homes with the required quality while adding elegant touches.