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Paint colors of 2022

Paint colors of 2022

Date: 2022/12/16


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2022 paint colors for a renewed and brighter look for the walls of your home. The combination of a light color with a dark one adds a dash of light and neutral shades to maintain the color balance in


You can change the decor of your home by varying the colors of its walls, and to get a renewed house, you can follow the latest fashion lines in the world of decoration, and use them intelligently in all corners of your home by choosing wall colors that give a different touch to its space as a whole, with an atmosphere in which there is a lot of calm, warmth and romance.


Wall painting in interior decoration for 2022 is witnessing a new suit different from the rest of the years, as modern colors are characterized by their harmony together beautifully and match with the colors and designs of modern furniture.

This Color of pink tones is very ideal with golden accents that give calm and romance, it is the trends currently used colors mixed together, including the choice of bright tones with warm colors to add cheerfulness, light, splendor and comfort to the eye, and white mixed with other colors cannot be dispensed with to give serenity and tranquility.


Interior designers have provided many examples and tips on the latest wall paint colors for 2022, and give some tips for choosing colors that are mixed to get a renewed and brighter look.

ألوان طلاء عام 2022

Light wooden of neutral colors and gives the spirit of ancient places

The walls can also be sheathed with white wood up to a height of 120 centimeters, with the upper part of the walls painted with light gray or pink - violet light paint.

In Spacious spaces, it is okay to enter dark colors in a way that breaks the monotony of light colors, and vice versa, in narrow rooms, light colors are present alone.


The coordination between the painting of the walls and other elements in the room is important, especially the floor; for example, "if the wall to be marked is painted with dark gray paint, the other walls are colored creamy white, while the floor becomes white. Accessories are preferably installed on a dark wall, in order to smooth out the color.

Pastel pink color:

This Color is one of the shades of pink, which is very perfect with golden accents, and gives the place a lot of tranquility and romance.

Smoky earthy white:

ألوان طلاء عام 2022


Smoky earthy white this light earthy color can do without white, it is located between white and gray, it is ideal for front rooms, it is distinguished by the fact that it does not get dirty easily.

The neutral desert color is perfect for confined spaces as it gives you a feeling of spaciousness.

This neutral color is considered to add warmth to the place, it is ideal for confined spaces, as it gives you a feeling of spaciousness.

Light wooden color:

It is a neutral color, this warm woody shade gives the spirit of old places, it will be very perfect in interior decoration.


Take into account the size and lighting

According to interior designers, the choice of color becomes an important decision because it directly affects the space of the room, and the interior color combinations of the House represent the style and sensations; choosing the combination of interior colors of the house and the colors of bedroom paints is not only important from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a psychological point of:

Size: if you have a small space in the living room, bedroom or any place you have to choose light shades and color combinations with light white.

ألوان طلاء عام 2022

Light pastel colors such as olive, peach, ivory, light gray and neutral black are some of the unique contemporary interior color combinations that make your small space look bigger, calm and attractive. And the options are endless if you have a large living space, but the challenge here is to create a feeling of comfort.

If you like living in the bosom of nature, the composition of green paint gives you a unique combination.



ألوان طلاء عام 2022


If your room is not well lit, look for lighter interior color combinations, such as peach, light olive, light white, blue and white, to add a dash of light and neutral shades to maintain color balance; colors bring light and vitality to the roomand emit positive feedback.


If your home receives a lot of natural sunlight, you should switch to interior color combinations with shades of dark green, dark purple or dark blue.


Which tricolor colors go well with each other

Decorators consider it necessary that the walls of the room are in harmony with the personality to create a sense of belonging, because the house is already the place of the heart. For example, the living room is all about family time or leisure, so the interior paint set should be a comfortable combination, and then choose it wisely, and one of the most important colors that are mixed and currently in demand:


Gray, blue and white: this is a classic house paint combination that never disappoints, different shades of blue add a completely different look to your room space, while light shades of Blue will increase the lighting and make the room look bigger, dark shades add an element of sophistication and elegance, put it with the fineness of white, ivory shade can also be tried to give a unique royal touch.

Blue, yellow and green: if you like living in the bosom of nature then this paint color combination is your thing, a unique combination of interior colors that will surely earn praise, give a sense of calm and serenity just as Mother Nature does, apart from this it also has an elegant look and feel giving the house a completely new aesthetic angle.