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Turkish design and its basics

Turkish design and its basics

Date: 2022/12/16


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Turkish design and its basics definition:

Turkish design is the process of formation and innovation ,that is, collecting elements from the environment and placing them in a certain composition to give something that has a function or meaning.Some distinguish between composition and design that composition is part of the design process because design involves human thought and personal experiences.

Definition of Turkish Interior Design :

- It is the preparation of the place to perform functions with minimal effort, including floors, walls, ceilings and fixtures.He also defined it as (the art of treating space or space and all its dimensions in a way that exploits all the elements of Turkish design in an aesthetic way that helps to work inside the building).

- It is a planning and innovation based on certain architectural data and taking out this planning for the space of existence and then implementing it in all places and spaces.Whatever the purposes of their use and character, using different materials and the right colors at the right cost.

- It is to address the development of appropriate solutions to all the specific difficulties in the field of movement in the vacuum and the ease of use of the furniture and equipment included.And make this space comfortable, quiet and distinctive with all the conditions, aesthetic standards and methods of pleasure and delight.

- It is the wide perception and awareness without limits of all architectural matters and their details, especially the interior, the materials, what they are and how to use them.It is the exclusive knowledge of furniture, measuring and distributing it in the interior space according to its purposes, colors and how to use it.And its selection in the place, as well as other necessary coordination matters such as lighting, distribution, flowers, coordination and various other accessories necessary for the space according to its function.

Turkish design color scheme

Although there is no specific combination to use for colors to come together in a certain way.However, over the years some basic color systems have evolved.Basic color systems:

1. the system is monochrome(single color)

This type is the simplest type of color system in terms of understanding and is based on different shades of the same color. Unless attention is paid to texture and pattern, generally a monochrome system can need to be made more vivid by adding bright shades of a color belonging to another part of the color wheel.


2-interconnected system (corresponding / opposite)

The interconnected color system uses colors that are close to each other or adjacent to each other in the color wheel :red – the color of the flame – and orange.Blue-blue-greenish-and green.Lime (greenish-yellow) - yellow-Mandarin (yellowish-orange).And it's a very subtle and detailed system .


3-the contrasting or contradictory system

Contrasting color schemes confuse opposite colors in the color wheel :red + green or blue.Yellow + blue or purple (purple).These color systems have a great impact and attention should be paid to maintaining balance, noting that equal areas of colors.Contradictory ones contradict each other instead of reinforcing the effect of each other .

White color is the master of colors at home

White, this color that symbolizes serenity, purity, chastity, cleanliness and clarity.It is the predominant or widespread color in everything related to human life.Most houses are dominated by white, men's clothing and some women's clothing is dominated by white.As well as children's clothing. Cars of all kinds, preferably in white.A lot of home furniture is predominantly white, along with kitchen and bedroom appliances.


White is the most comfortable color for the soul.

This is not evidenced by its adoption as a primary color in relation to patients.Such as the colors of hospital walls, doctors 'and nurses' clothes, bed linen, patients ' clothes, room curtains, medical devices.And the white color inside the House will be the dominant one.- Like it or not - because it is the common factor between colors in furniture, clothes, pieces of utensils used in cooking and the dining room.Hence the white color is used in every home.But how white color can be employed in some sites.

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وما هي الألوان التي يمكن أخذها بعين الاعتبار عند اختيارها وتتماشى بالطبيعة مع اللون الأبيض.

ففي غرفة استقبال الضيوف والمجالس بشكل عام يفضل أن تكون الجدران باللون الأبيض يتداخل معها «أخضر خفيف».
أما الأثاث فيتم اختيار المجلس أو الكنب من اللون الأبيض المشجر أو المطعّم ببعض الألوان الخفيفة الباهتة (أحمر- أزرق- أخضر…).
أما ستائر الجدران فيتم اختيارها من جنس قماش الكنب أو المجلس نفسه ولكن بتشجير أو تصميم مختلف قليلاً، أو من اللون الأبيض المطعّم بالذهبي أو الأسود ( تطعيماً دقيقا ً).
وفي غرفة الطعام يفضل أن تكون الجدران والسقف من اللون الأبيض المطعّم ببعض الكادريهات ذات نقوش الجبس الخفيفة.
ويتم إسقاط إضاءة خفيفة عليها لتظهر علامات نقش الجبس بشكل لافت.
أما سفرة الطعام والكراسي فمن الجميل أن يكون لونها أبيض مطعّماً بخطوط ذهبية أو سوداء أو بنية.
وقماش الستائر من الساتان الخفيف ذي اللون الأبيض المزدان ببعض الزهور الصغيرة أو الحواشي المزخرفة بألوان فاتحة.

اجعلي من منزلك قصائد ملونة سيدتي ...

للألوان سرها الخاص وتأثيرها المشع في النفس فكثيراً ما قالوا إن اللون الأحمر دليل الحب والأصفر يعني الذكاء والغيرة والأبيض الهدوء والصفاء و…و…
وفي عالم التصميم التركي اُستخدمت الألوان للإيحاء المناسب في الديكور الداخلي التركي.
لكل شخص ميوله للون معين فكثيراً ما تجدين نفسك وأنت تختارين ملابسك تتجهين لتكرار لون موجود بكثرة في خزانة ملابسك ..

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Chromatic correlation and accuracy of selection

Easy abstinent sentences are suitable for colors being tempting and beautiful, but they need accuracy and skill in installation and selection.The main colors are red, blue, yellow, green, white, black, and thousands of colors are derived from them.Do not blame yourself, dear, for hesitating sometimes when choosing the color of the wall of your house, the process is not easy and you need accuracy and consistency in linking, but solutions always exist with a little thought and care


Lights on Colors

To set the clear lines of color coordination, have the courage and let your choice be decisive and clear when the room is small in size, you should choose light colors because they suggest the breadth of space and the furnishings have an impact on the size level, the multiplicity of colors in the room compresses the place if you choose light and similar colors with some accessories of a calm color.

Colors for the treatment of depression:

Europeans have designed houses in terms of colors and furnishings to treat the owners of psychological conditions that many may suffer.There is a model that was designed to treat depression {the disease that is called the disease of the modern age}, he used the pink color in his explicit presence, and the pink-colored white frames increased the emphasis on the presence of the base color, and the ceiling has the color of the frames themselves to achieve a feeling of spaciousness, while the brown floor is of natural wood suggests stability and stability . The green barrier and the Yellow Table play an important role for the sense of joy, they are an alternative to flowers in this space. The color spaces were connected by a hand-woven carpet in the same tones. Some may wonder about the necessity of the red color on the chair and the black striped one within this collection. The fact is that color contrasts have their role in inciting psychological feelings, the goal of which here is not to get bored, the desire to live and the demand to work actively .

Have you tried using pastel tones

Many people hesitate to choose the colors of bedrooms (linens, curtains, wall, accessories and brushes in general) and most people settle on white or sugar اللون because it is a beautiful color and symbolizes serenity, purity and cleanliness لمن and for those who want to change white and are afraid to risk changing for fear of falling into inappropriate colors ....We suggest pastel tones with different colors, whether I use each color alone or two or more colors are mixed ..

The beauty of the place is not expensive or precious, but with the spaces of taste and wonderful artistic touches that decorated its design, and the harmony of colors between its walls and the various furniture and decorations It contains ....What is more beautiful than to return from the hardships of a working day to a house of art and beauty that relaxes yourself of design, color and decor that frees your beds and calms your nerves, which positively affects your behavior with your family and with others to return the next day to your work with all the activity and vitality ……

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