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Industrial style

Industrial style

Date: 2022/12/16


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Industrial style in interior design-if you want to know more about industrial decor, we will give you a quick overview of this popular decor style reminiscent of a factory or workshop. Industrial interior design is often associated with Lofts, apartments, City Housing. However, you can take elements of this interior styleand make them work in almost any type of House.

The industrial style has been finding its place in interiors for some time, either by touch or in the overall look. Brick walls, exposed plumbing, concrete floors and ceilings are typical elements of this style of interior decoration. It is also defined by strong furniture with clean lines, where functionality and durability are in the foreground. Discover in our photo gallery below the golden rules of industrial-style interiors.

The emergence of industrial style:

The industrial style appeared in New York City in the seventies in loft apartments and its idea is to turn old and abandoned warehouses and factories into living spaces and housing in them, as it provided traditional housing in Manhattan, for those who want large, open and affordable spaces, and many artists, musicians, writers and designers followed this style, incorporating it into their homes.


Industrial style colors:


Warm and neutral colors are preferred for industrially designed spaces, which are usually large and open. Warm colors help to bring visual warmth to an area that may be overshadowed by the coldness of metal pipes and ducts. And gray shades have a great and beautiful effect on this style.

Industrial style materials and materials:


The interaction of earthy-looking and smooth wood, glossy metal extensions, as well as presentable brick and concrete, steel and Chrome are usually used in the design of lamps.

Industrial style lighting:


The use of pendant lamps for focused lighting, track lights are a good choice for ambient lighting. In addition to many other lighting options.

Industrial style furniture:

Industrial furniture is minimal and meaningless, with strong clean lines and very sharp, combines new pieces with reclaimed ones, so old pieces of furniture can be used in other uses, such as using old cabinets for storage, stairs as shelves and others. Metal and wood are most often used in their manufacture, and the chairs are backless.


Walls and floors in industrial style:


To give an industrial impression, the walls are made of brick or concrete without cladding, and the floors are very simple, either polished concrete, wood or stone. If the walls are painted, the bricks are visible, as well as pipes and conveyor channels are not covered, but are employed in the internal space.


Interior spaces in industrial style:


The interior spaces are open to each other, to give a feeling of spaciousness and freedom of movement, where the kitchen, lounge and dining room are in one open space.


Industrial style in the present era:


Many expected this style to decline after a period of time, but on the contrary, it has become a big trend in interiors, and we find it in demand in many homes, five-star restaurants and cafes in addition to offices, a style characterized by boldness and courage, due to its sharp lines and exposed rough surfaces.


The most important elements of decor in industrial style:

Commercial lighting devices with their simple designs, such as ordinary light bulbs, which are distributed on metal rails.
Special paints of this style are boldly characterized by reflecting the natural state of the pure material bellies or stone.
The use of pipes in decoration for multiple functions such as lighting devices.
Wood in its natural shape, color and details without performing any processing operations on it in terms of color or appearance to give an attractive and bold shape.
Stone walls are one of the most important features of the industrial industrial style in decoration.
Ventral ceilings that reflect a pure and bold state of the place as if the walls and ceiling have not been treated, where you feel like you are inside a factory, not a house.
Simple metal shelves that we see on the walls of living rooms or bedrooms designed in an industrial style.
Earthy colors, as this method is characterized by being based on the earthy grades that we see in industrial laboratories.
Natural leather in the design of furniture, in carpets strewn on the floor or some pieces of art used for decoration.


How do I design a part of my house or restaurant in this style

Seek inspiration by looking at old buildings, warehouses and factories that have been renovated and used as homes or restaurants and cafes.
Use old furniture pieces and renovate them, and they are made of wood and metal.
Using non-traditional methods of storage, such as old boxes and pipes
The use of concentrated lighting, made of metal ores.
Show the style in accessories and details, using industrial and mechanical accessories.
Leaving the brick visible in the walls, adding a few bold drawings and murals, or even an abstract painting can turn a monotonous and boring wall into a wonderful work of art.
Leave mechanical details, carriers and electrical wiring visible.
Other raw materials can be used with solid metals, to reduce the sensation of cold in the vacuum.
Focus lighting on tables and chairs in restaurants and cafes, to draw attention to them and give a touch to the space.
The use of chairs made of wood and metal, without armrests or upholstery in restaurants and cafes, as well as wooden or stainless steel tables, to give a feeling of industriality.

So this style of decoration is characterized by boldness and simplicity, as it relies in principle on taking advantage of industrial waste and materials taken from factories and workshops, where they are processed to enter into home decorations.

It is possible that you are a fan of this type of decoration or a rejectionist of it, but this does not prevent the clear aesthetic appearance and excellence of the industrial style in decoration in all its details, which are considered modern and modern forms of interior decoration.

We leave you now with some photos and interiors designed in industrial style

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