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Classic style

Classic style

Date: 2022/12/16


It is also known that each of US has his own orientations and convictions, which depend on several factors, including the surrounding environment and being influenced by some influence, in addition to the different perspective of his vision and analysis of beauty, and here confusion occurs, each design has different characteristics, as the modern style differs from the contemporary style, as well as the classic style, which branches into many branches. To remove this confusion, we will answer the difference between the style (modern, contemporary, classic) and the distinctive characteristics of each of them, depending on the time periods in which each model was found, starting with classical, modern, and ending with contemporary design.

And if we want to start, we can start with the classical style, as it is considered the oldest architectural style among the three styles, we can approach it as:

A term used to refer to buildings from the classical period of European historywhich extends from the emergence of the Greek civilization and ending with the demise of the Roman Empire, especially in the period of the fifth century BC to the third century AD, where the hallmark of this era was their interest in columns and their forms.

Characteristics of the classic style

Like any architectural style, the classical style contains basic characteristics in interior and exterior design that make it an easily recognizable architectural style, the most important of which are :

1) attention to symmetry, where great attention is paid to the fact that the space or space is symmetrical and balanced in terms of the places of doors, columns, windows and the places of decorations characteristic of this style inside and outside the building.

الطراز الكلاسيكي

) The use of floral and plant motifs in addition, some sculptures of humans and animals were used on the walls of ancient temples.

الطراز الكلاسيكي

3) the use of natural colors, where yellow, blue, green, brown, as well as Gray and pink colors are usually used, in addition, the semi-white color gives realism to the classic style, while bright white gives a little sense of modernity .

الطراز الكلاسيكي

4) the rooms are designed to be symmetrical around one central point, such as a built-in fireplace.

الطراز الكلاسيكي

5) the use of elegant fabrics, where those that tend to be elegant without being overly ornate or attention-grabbing are used in interior design, cotton and velvet fabric are also commonly used .

الطراز الكلاسيكي

6) use natural flooring of wood, stone or marble as it works best in a classic style environment as it relates to the natural colors used .

So when making any space, whether interior or exterior design in the classic style, you should take into account all the previous points, and this is what SMD decorations company does in Turkey, where you can look at our work done by the design team in our business section of this site .