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Modern style in decoration

Modern style in decoration

Date: 2022/12/16


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We had written in a previous article about the difficulty that interior designers find when a client requests interior designs for a house, for an office, or for any space, and their inability to determine the style they want, for example, they ask that the style be classic, and when we show them this model, we are surprised that they mean the modern style and so measured on the rest, so the team of editors at SMD decided to clarify this confusion and write about design models, and we started with the classic style, and today we will clarify the modern style.

Recently, the word modern style design, or what is known as Modern, has become famous, and its meanings may vary when defining it, especially since each of US has his own orientations and convictions, which depend on several factors, including the surrounding environment and being influenced by some influence, in addition to the different perspective of his vision and analysis of beauty.

This also applies to the design process of a particular space, your personality orientation determines which direction you want to take in the design process, so it is very common among people to use terms such as :I want to keep up with the Times and choose a contemporary or modern style in design, or I want to go behind luxury and choose a classic design.

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What is a modern style in interior design

"Interior design; it is the study of spaces and the development of appropriate solutions for the constituent elements and prepare them to perform their function efficiently, by using different materials and choosing the right colors at an appropriate cost and began many years ago, but at the end of the nineteenth century the first generation of pioneers was born, which was born with them the principles :

Walter Gropius, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van droh, Le Corbusier, where they all refused to quote from the past as the architecture of the past is an architecture that has fulfilled the wishes of its people in proportion to its time and time, so these architects left behind a new way of thinking and distinct and unique solutions, and this has helped the development of new building materials.

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Modern style

It is an architectural period that includes a group of architectural schools and styles that have similar characteristics and that share in the first place the simplification of forms and the rejection of decoration, where new materials such as concrete, steel and glass were used, characterized by clear lines, elaborate finishing, bold geometric shapes, characterized by the simplicity of furniture and the use of colors of nature.


The motives that led to the emergence of modernist architecture

الفك-intellectual and cultural climate change :

The doctrine disappeared, replaced by mechanics, nature and matter.
Science has become the only explainer of phenomena.
The user's needs were limited to physical needs that met specific functions.
The perception of beauty and principles in general has changed.

العلمية-scientific and technological motives :

The use of iron in construction work.
Reliance on reinforced concrete in Architectural Works; production of architecture with mechanical aesthetic values and distance from accessories and decorations.
Activate the role of the computer.

السياسية-political motives :

The first World War.

٤-economic developments :

The high level of the economy of developing countries; the dissemination of Western modernist thought in the third world countries through imported experiences.
The discovery of Petroleum.
The influx of foreign investments and the spread of the Western model.

الاجتماعية-social motives :

Cultural changes and the disappearance of dogma .
Absence of collective thought and common sense.
The emergence of an individual material architecture that is far from the collective spirit.
The emergence of the middle class.
The growing need for new housing in record time, the speed of construction and low cost.
The nature of the role of women changed after the World War.
Functional realism of the design of the dwelling (ease of performance of functions-reduction of movement paths-the use of flexible brushes).


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الطراز الحديث