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Side tables in the decor

Side tables in the decor

Date: 2022/12/16


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In this article, via the SMD decorations website in Turkey, we will talk about side tables in decoration and the most prominent side table designs, as well as the easiest ways to decorate a side table at home to highlight its beauty.

About the side tables in the decor

الطاولات الجانبية في الديكور


Side tables are no less important than other pieces of furniture in the house, they are a key element, especially in the living room because they add unique aesthetic touches to the decor of the room, in addition to the purposes for which they are used.

Such as placing books, statues or photos in addition to various types of hospitality from drinks and food.Many materials are used in the manufacture of side tables, such as glass, ceramics, acrylic, wood, metal and marble.

Tips for choosing a suitable side table for the living room

How is it possible for side tables to fit into furniture Here are a set of tips that answer all those questions and make it easier for us to choose the right side tables:



One of the most important things that we have to pay attention to when buying a table is to take into account the height of the side tables to be used in the living room, for example, if you want to put the table next to the sofa, it is necessary that its height matches the arm of the sofa or chair, so that the person sitting on the sofa can reach anything on the table easily, so it is advisable to choose high side tables in case the sofa set is somewhat high and vice versa, that is, you must make sure the sizes of the side tables before buying them.As for the width of the side tables, it should suit the nature of the objects that can be placed on them, so that they can accommodate them, as it is advisable to choose a side table of medium width.


الطاولات الجانبية في الديكور


Choose tables with simple designs that combine several materials in their manufacture, as there are side table types available in the markets made of different materials such as glass, acrylic or metal and wood. It is advisable to choose a side table suitable for the type of decoration in the living room, where it is preferable to buy modern side tables if the living room has a modern design, or you can choose classic side tables if the general decoration of the house is classic, such as wooden tables with inscriptions and drawers.

Table tops are also important things to consider when choosing the right table, as the decision depends on the purpose of buying the table, for example, tables with glass or acrylic marble surfaces can be chosen if the goal is to put juice cups or coffee cups on them, but if the goal is to put books or statues and traditional decorations, you can choose fabric or wooden surfaces.

It is also advisable to choose round or oval tables for living rooms, as this form of side tables is in line with many uses and designs in modern and trendy living rooms.

Places and number of tables

When setting the side tables, it is important to take into account the places where the side tables will be placed, specifically in the living room, where you can put a side table between two seats, for example, or you can put it near the window, in addition to taking into account the number of side tables in the room, if the room area is large, you can put many side tables and distribute them in proportion to the furniture, but if the living room is small, you must adhere to a limited number of side tables.

Ways to decorate a side table

Use souvenir or family photos to decorate the side tables.
Vases give a special splendor and landscape to the table and room together
You can place artboards on the side tables to add a beautiful artistic touch
Put some figurines on the table for more distinctiveness
The use of fabrics and wool in the format of side tables
Books and magazines
Candles in shapes that fit the overall decoration of the House
Lamps with different frames



This was the highlight of our information about the side tables in the living room decor, and ways to decorate them with various simple means. On the SMD decorations website in Turkey, you can find many articles dealing with various topics, including side tables tips and many tips in the world of interior decoration and related to your home, office or other spaces, as well as you can get acquainted with the latest designs of travel seats and many other topics.


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