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Scandinavian style in interior design

Scandinavian style in interior design

Date: 2022/12/16


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Scandinavian style in interior design - due to the Nordic design inherited from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, this design is characterized by providing large areas of light, decorated with the use of natural elements in its preparation, and uses shades of calm colors and decorative lines that bear the character of simplicity.

Due to the nature of the environment in the Nordic countries characterized by its cold atmosphere, the design should be consistent with both calm and comfortable viewing, and since the winters are long in those countries, which means that the daylight period is short and the sunlight period is limited to only a few hours, so it was necessary to be content with very small houses, which

الطراز الاسكندنافي

Features of the Scandinavian style

Contact with nature


As mentioned, the sun is available at a small time of the year, so we decorate a house filled with freshness through large glass windows with dark brown frames, and also to maintain the prevailing sophistication in the style, and in practice it is necessary to connect the house with the beautiful nature and exploit it in the lighting of the House.

With the attractive colors in an element of furniture, such as the yellow color in this chair and that small wooden table, it has a natural appearance, like a tree trunk, and this increases the connection with the beautiful elements of nature.

In furniture and materials:

Spaces in the Scandinavian style are mostly characterized by wooden floors painted white or in light colors except for the bathroom, and if necessary, a large carpet with a soft texture can be added that deepens the sense of tranquility.

This style is mainly based on natural materials, such as some handicrafts made of unfinished wood and soft cotton sheets, bringing the inspiration of nature to the House, adding a warm pulse to the simplicity and comfort of the surrounding decor.


In the colors of paints:



The colors are usually selected in very light and calm tones. White is often used as the main color, but it does not make the room look pale because natural materials, such as wood, give the place warmth and comfort.

White is also an ideal option to introduce any color combination into the palette, then calm white colors will give a feeling of tranquility in rooms facing south because they get more warmth to enter the sun's rays more.

While the brightest shades of white, on the other hand, give intimacy to warm rooms facing north, because they receive lower levels of sunlight.

Soft gray or blue shades or earthy tones can also be used for beautiful and calm backgrounds.


In space and lighting:


Scandinavian houses most often have large windows to make the room bright and open, and, as already mentioned, the northern winter is long and dark, so every glimmer of a natural Ray from the sun should be made the most of.

The windows are rarely covered, as they remain open to allow daylight to enter, but if necessary, some light cotton curtains of calm colors are used, which gives privacy without darkening the room, and lampshades can be used for bedrooms.

There is a great importance on giving furniture a breathing space, and since the spaces are small beforehand, the simplicity of the Nordic style and the specialist in the basic necessities of life remains the most appropriate criterion and avoid unnecessary accessories.


Features of the Scandinavian style: -


The design of the apartment in the Scandinavian style is characterized by restraint, as in the large and spacious rooms you will not find a set of unused accessories, there is no additional furniture in them. Here you will find only the most necessary, but everything is provided for the little things. Decorative elements in the design of such a house are few, which only emphasizes the naturalness and ecological character of the situation.

The necessary minimum of furniture is practical and orderly distributed throughout the rooms, also made of natural rocks of unpainted wood.

Smooth and elegant lines of tables, chairs, cabinets, factories cover dimly lit surfaces with a light transparent varnish that preserves the naturalness of the tree. The use of such furniture is pleasant, because it is almost a complete fusion with nature.


Scandinavian style is another advantage 

It is a wide range of textile finishes. As a rule, they are dominated by one color palette. A variety of bright colors in one subject is no longer Scandinavia.


As simple as it seems, the Scandinavian style of the apartment and its philosophy are all a science.It requires discipline and a clear observance of harmonious proportions. Negligence and ill-thought-out Organization of space entails a violation of the delicate balance. Therefore, when decorating a house in the Scandinavian style, the designer should thoroughly plan all the details of the situation.


Particular attention should be paid to the color scheme of the interior. Try to convey the original color of the sun: an irresistible craving for a cool "northern" style to a warm summer. Bright, spacious rooms in the "Scandinavian" House are usually filled with a lot of warm colors. Go to all shades of yellow, clay tile and white colors.As if the sun's rays penetrated, the lack of additional elements and a minimum of furniture multiply the achieved effect.

Use other colors as green and some elements of blue, turquoise, all shades of gray and Amber.


Elements of Scandinavian decor

As mentioned earlier, they are present in very small quantities. Basically, these are colorful furniture covers, contrasting pillows and fluffy carpets, designed to loosen the design restriction a little.

The walls can be decorated with pictures in simple flat frames or with small pictures.It is important not to overdo it. Remember harmony and simplicity is the style of the Scandinavian style it's simplicity and brevity in everything.

For example, glass floor vases are quite acceptable and welcome, since, by contributing to the refraction of sunlight, they complement the image of a dwelling filled with light.

The only thing that you can decorate the house in unlimited quantities are ornamental trees, that is, plants where they can be everywhere, on the floor, windows, tables, they can be hung on walls, etc. The more green space, the better!

Light in the Scandinavian style

Leaving the priority behind the light theme, designers prefer curtains from thin, translucent fabrics that do not interfere with the penetration of sunlight. But even this does not always help. To this a large number of lamps are added.And the lack of sunlight is compensated by electricity. Floor lamps, table lamps, sconces, ceiling lamps, chandeliers of various shapes and sizes fill the house with soft warm light. And rainy winter evenings in Scandinavia come again in the summer.