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Kitchen and work triangle

Kitchen and work triangle

Date: 2022/12/16


The Kitchen and Work Triangle: I often hear this sentence from many of my clients.

“I love to cook in my kitchen but I don't like the layout.”

Again, the kitchen is often the last space we care about even when designing a home.

If you love to cook and are currently designing your home, I advise you to read this article.

By understanding the basic principles of kitchen planning, you will easily master the design process,

The primary design principles are the work triangle and the work triangle is the line drawn between the main work points in the kitchen.

It is the storage area in the kitchen and above the gas oven and sink.

The angles of the triangle must be wide (according to the area).

Hence, these three areas must be at appropriate distances for the person to be able to move easily in them.

Hence the basic triangular areas in the kitchen will achieve the design triangle and these areas are:

1. food storage area:

It is the area where food is stored, whether it is a refrigerator or pantry.

We also suggest that there is enough space next to the refrigerator to put the foods that are taken from it.

2. Cooking preparation area:

This is the area where the stove, microwave, and small appliances are placed.

Also, the space corresponding to this area is very important.

Where it will be used to take and put cooked foods from the stove and microwave.

3. Cleaning area:

Although this area is the least used area in the kitchen, it is the most important area in it.

This is the area where the sink, wastebasket, and dishwasher are located.

As this area is designed to accommodate the litter box, it is an area to put the litter box closet.

Today, especially in modern family homes, the kitchen is more than just cooking and eating.

It may be chosen to include a breakfast table, bookshelves, computer desk and TV, as well as a seating area for guests' entertainment.

In the coming articles, more designs and divisions of kitchens will be explained, follow us!