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Scandinavian cuisine

Scandinavian cuisine

Date: 2022/12/16


Scandinavian cuisine - let's talk about the Scandinavian style and its features for a start

Scandinavian style

Today it is one of the most popular styles and styles in interior design.

Charming whiteness, a combination of modern and classic elements and a minimum of furniture ،

Are the main features of Scandinavian decorations. The main motive of this style is the desire to make the most of the light.

In all countries that have long winters and little sunshine the house is the place where they spend most of their time ،

That is why the mattress should be airy, comfortable and warm

The use of light in Scandinavian interiors is the main generator of this style.

Most Scandinavian houses have natural tones, natural materials and simple decoration.

White walls and floors in all rooms except bathrooms are the golden rule of Scandinavian design.

In order to attract more light into your space and live by Scandinavian standards ،

You need to use different tones of white, beige, gray.

The color palette is based on all shades of white, from pure white to beige with natural and light wood.

On the white base you need to add details in pastel colors such as mint, light blue, yellow.

These colors are in harmony with the bright interior and therefore they are often used for details in the room ،

Such as pillows, modern chandeliers or wall paintings.

In the Scandinavian interior there is no congestion with unnecessary elements.

The furniture is simple with clean lines but with a great design. When buying furniture ،

Let the inspiration be the design of the Fifties of the last century. Decorate the space to be functional ،

And choose specific pieces of furniture with clean lines.

Pay special attention to floor lamps and chandeliers, enter Colors only in the details.

This is a new collection of distinctive, charming and Scandinavian-inspired interiors, which you will surely adore , you are invited to explore these designs that we have made as part of this list،

Hoping to inspire your creative mind with these iconic models, not only that, but you will also get an insight into the Scandinavian interior design that is so popular.



المطبخ الاسكندنافي
المطبخ الاسكندنافي
المطبخ الاسكندنافي
المطبخ الاسكندنافي
المطبخ الاسكندنافي
المطبخ الاسكندنافي
المطبخ الاسكندنافي